Training and Events

Notfast Running Club – Training Plan

We are trialling a new programme this autumn; Tuesday training options include effort and steady sessions, and hill work on Beacon Hill. Thursdays will have effort and steady options. The steady option will use the same route each week. Trainers will rotate around the sessions to give them some variety too!

All training sessions are suitable for runners of all abilities – you don’t need to be a fast runner to join any of the groups. The aim of the “efforts/speed” sessions is for everyone to increase his/her own effort over usual steady pace, so your speed relative to other runners is not important – you won’t be left on your own.

Please let Rachel have your feedback (positive and negative!) and any suggestions for training sessions so that future training can be tailored to suit everyone in the club:

Please note: – Training sessions shown in red start from where they say.

Otherwise, Tuesday sessions will start at Tom Mann Pavilion for efforts and steady options and J&P, and Topps Tiles car park (bottom of Beacon Hill) for the hill work.

Thursday sessions will be from Flowserve.

Tuesday autumn / winter training plan:

Thursday autumn / winter training plan:

NOTFAST Grand Prix

To encourage participation in local events, the club has set a Grand Prix Challenge. To qualify for an award you need to run at least 9 of the listed events. Dates are indicative, and will be confirmed during the year as and when events are finalised. Note that for Summer League and winter cross country any 2017 events qualify, but each can only amount to 1 “event” i.e. 4 Summer Leagues isn’t 2 qualifying events. For Nottinghamshire County Championship races don’t forget to tick the box when entering, if eligible (residence 9 months or birth in county). 

Please keep your own record of your Grand Prix events for the committee to verify at the end of the year. 



LDWA (Long Distance Walking Association)

A reminder that we are affiliated to The LDWA and as such receive discounted rates to any of their Challenge Walks, most of which are open to runners.

Information on events, social walks, long distance paths, clothing, publications, etc. can be found at

For more challenge walks follow the link below:

Events for 2017

Please follow the link below for a list of running events in Nottinghamshire for 2017

Running events in Notts 2017

Other Useful links:,

 Ponton Plod 2017

UPDATE 20th September – Results for 2017:

Ponton Plod Results 2017

Pleased to say that the Ponton Plod is going ahead on Sunday 17th September

Adam Holland will head up the steering group, which also includes Edward Casebourne, Andy Watts, Gill Goode and Jeremy Reichelt. Stuart will help throughout. The event has been advertised and on-line entries sorted. 

Thanks to everyone that has said they can help in the weeks leading up to the event and on the day – your help will definitely be needed! 

The event involves planning and marking out 3 courses for runners and walkers, providing food and sustenance at the start, during and finish, as well as dealing with registration and a few other tasks. We need at least 30 people to help out on the day, as well as volunteers for the duties before and after the event. 

We really hope that (as in previous years) we have enough volunteers to help out on the day that other members of the club are able to support by taking part too.