Richard Borrill

NOTFAST results 6/3/2016

On Saturday Edward Casebourne walked the 27 mile Golden Fleece near Hull. He completed the walk in 9h12, slightly slower than his usual pace due to lots of mud, and some confusion over the directions which caused him to walk an extra mile! He also paused longer than usual at the checkpoints to sample the … Read more

NOTFAST results 28/2/2016

4 NOTFAST members took part in the Belvoir Challenge on Saturday, where both weather and ground conditions were pretty good for this time of year. Rachel Sheldrake ran the 15.8 mile route in 3h35, while Karen Borrill walked the same route in 5h25. David Watt and Liz Walton ran the 26.1 mile route in 4h58 … Read more

NOTFAST results 21/2/2016

Sunday saw a good number of NOTFAST runners taking part in various events. Richard Borrill ran the Sleaford half marathon in 2h03, a testing course in windy conditions. Slightly further afield, Chris McDonnell ran the Blackpool half marathon. Contending with sea spray and very windy conditions that reduced him to walking at times, he finished … Read more

NOTFAST results 15/2/2016

Some additional results from last week; Tomáš Trešnák ran the Caythorpe Dash 1/2m in 1:33:57. There was some confusion over the team results, so our joint NOTFAST/ Toonie team unfortunately didn’t come 2ndafter all, but that doesn’t detract from their moment of glory!  Also, Ernie Clarke and Cathy did the MaraMile 5k. This week’s results: Four NOTFAST … Read more