NOTFAST report for 27th December 2015

It has been a great week for NOTFAST giving me the opportunity for a really upbeat final report before handing over to Ann Manley who will pick up the traces from 1st January 2016.

The week started on Tuesday with nearly fifty members attacking Beacon Hill to run round Coddington and get a good look at the fantastic display of Christmassy inflatables in the front garden of a house on the lane.  On Thursday, Christmas Eve, Kate organised a great afternoon social run for loads of members, friends and family, including the cutest baby who was pushed round Claypole at a fast jog, in her buggy.  Runners ran either 3miles or 5 and a half miles on road or 4 and a half on mud and tracks.  The afternoon was rounded off with loads of mince pies, cake, mulled wine and beverages.

Boxing Day saw a good number joining Newark AC at their Boxing Day Handicap, a chance for some of our runners to be near, or even at, the front for at least part of the run.  A friendly and fun event; thank you AC.

The week was rounded off at the Notts. AC Christmas Cross Country relay in Wollaton Park.  NOTFAST sent 24 runners plus supporters to run (? Race) in 6 teams of 4.  We did not win the race but we won in the mince pie and cake eating event and made more noise and had more fun than the rest put together; including a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to Julie on her 30th.  The teams had to be Nos.1 Vet, 2 Open, 3 Female, 4 Open.  The following all had a thoroughly good time on a dry overhead, muddy underfoot, balmy morning.

Christmas Relays 27th December 2015


ADavid Gill21.27
Andy Watts27.49
Rachel Sheldrake21.52
Diana Wakefield18.14
Team time total = 1:29:22
BColin Green25.44
Alan Fisher20.17
Karen Borrill26.38
Adam Jackson19.32
Team time total = 1:32:11
CErnie Clarke24.00
Faye Hemingway23.56
Kirsty Watson28.18
Jeremy Reichelt18.50
Team time total = 1:35:04
DSteve Needham20.30
Peter Tatton26.44
Julie Mumby24.54
Richard Borrill18.27
Team time total = 1:30:35
ECathy Clarke24.33
Kirsty Watt22.51
Kathryn Lile25.17
Chris McDonnell18.05
Team time total = 1:30:46
FKate Fisher21.43
Annette Taylor22.25
Sue Needham24.20
Jim Lovett19.31
Team time total = 1:27:59

Kate had done well to even out the teams so that we were all in fairly fast teams rather than some in a very fast and some in a not so fast team.  You might notice though that she made sure she was in the fastest!  Diana Wakefield ran brilliantly, not only first lady but beating all the men except Chris McDonnell who managed to be first among us despite his hippopotamus wallow in the mud.

So I leave the next report to Ann.  Please be kind to her, send her your reports and on time; include little interesting snippets to help make the reports varied.