There were 20 club members over 7 Parkruns this week, Newark, Rosliston, Long Eaton, Eden Project, Kingsbury Water, Clumber and Hastings

This weekend was dominated by The 2018 Conti Thunder Run, a 24-hour endurance race in Catton Park, Derbyshire. There were 42 members of NOTFAST running in either relay teams of 3-5, 6-8 or running solo around the 10K cross country course, completing as many laps as possible in the 24-hour time period. The event started at noon on Saturday in bright sunshine and it didn’t let up until midday on Sunday. The ground was hard, it was hilly, the course was riddled with tree stumps and roots in places, at night there were dust clouds making running through the woods at very difficult. But it was a fantastic event with an even better atmosphere. Special thanks to the Notfast support and team managers who spurred on the runners and kept us going (along with waking us up)

In Total, Notfast clocked up 1730 km over the 24 hours.

A standout starting mention is for Damien Davies, who, along with his team ( Not Striders AC – members from Notfast/Striders and Newark AC) came in 1st in the Mixed team, completing 32 laps (Damien completing 6 laps with an average lap time of 45:53)

In the Ladies Solo, Anna fisher completed 9 laps, and coming in in an excellent 24th place. 

In the Mens solo, Jim Lovett completed 8 laps  coming in in 57th place,

followed by Andy Pritchett, completing 4 laps and coming in 91st overall and Bob Oakham completing 4 laps, coming in 92nd overall.

In the Mens Teams, “NOTFAST Notfantastic 5” came 28 th , completing 23 laps overall (Adrian Dix – 5 laps, Andrew Rowlands – 5 laps, Darren Wilkinson – 4 laps, Cliff Robinson – 4 laps, and Paul Zemontas – 4 laps)

In the Ladies Teams, “NOTFAST Thunderbirds” came 9 th , completing 20 laps overall (Amy Borrill – 5 laps, Angela Brown – 4 laps, Annette Taylor – 5 laps, Faye Hemingway – 2 laps, and Kerry Robinson -4 laps)

In the Mixed 3-5 teams, 

“NOTFAST numpties” came in 39 th overall with 23 laps (Simon Lock – 5 laps, Janet Davies – 5 laps, Kim Etherington-Bates – 4 laps, Claire Wood – 5 laps, Peter Lane – 4 laps)

“Scrambled Legs” came in 50th with 21 Laps (kate Fisher – 1 lap, Stuart Hawkes – 5 laps, Nikki Dales – 5 laps, Breeze Rowlands – 5 laps, Stephen Crook – 5 laps)

“Pandas Army” came in 59th with 20 laps (Tom Allen – 4 laps, Diane Wakefield – 4 laps, Kirstie Crook – 4 laps, Zanna Perry – 4 laps, Cheryl Kempster – 4 laps)

“NOTFAST but Fabulous” came 71st with 19 laps (Andy Floyd – 4 laps, Amy Lanham – 4 laps, Rachel Revill – 4 laps, Jonathan Van-Tam – 4 laps, Gill Goode – 3 laps)

In the mixed 8 teams, 

“NOTFAST Enough” came 185th with 20 laps ( Dave Fargher – 4 laps, Pete Middleton – 3 laps, Joanna Gray – 3 laps, Maria Brambles – 3 laps, Claire Simmonds – 2laps, Zoe Smith – 1 lap, Selina Noquet – 2 laps, Rachel Jenkins – 2 laps)


Away from the Thunder Run, Steve white and Richard lamb were at the Grimsby 10k, completing in 54:14 and 54:24 respectively


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