Adam Holland has completed the Great Barrow “10 marathons in 10 days” challenge, based around Bury St Edmunds, although half of the runs were Ultra marathons of 32-33 miles. He came first in all of them, set 6 course records, and completed the 290+ miles in 36h14m, an average of around 3h06 for a marathon and 4h08 for an ultra – an amazing achievement, especially as nearly all the routes were multi-terrain. As if that wasn’t enough he then went on to run another marathon the following day – the Potteries marathon in Stoke on Trent. Adam was aiming for a sub-3 hour time, which was a challenge as, although on the road, it was much hillier than the Barrow events. Adam came second, and smashed his sub 3-hour target, finishing in 2h44!

11 NOTFAST members have been enjoying the Holme Pierrepont RC Grand Prix event, and have so far completed two of the four events. Race 1 was 4 miles at Rushcliffe Park, and Race 2 was 10k at Holme Pierrepont. Jeremy Reichelt, David Gill, Adam Jackson, Kate Fisher, Kirsty Watt, Faye Hemingway, Cathy Clarke (who got a 10k PB!), Ernie Clarke, Pete Tatton, Madaleine Combie, Colin Green. Results below.

Rushcliffe 4 miles HPP 10k
Jeremy Reichelt 12:30:19 am 12:48:08 am
David Gill 12:32:08 am 12:52:17 am
Adam Jackson 12:32:19 am 1:07:05 am
Kate Fisher 12:34:11 am 12:52:39 am
Kirsty Watt 12:36:45 am 12:59:48 am
Faye Hemingway 12:38:54 am 1:02:15 am
Cathy Clarke 12:41:36 am 1:05:53 am
Ernie Clarke 12:41:37 am 1:07:00 am
Pete Tatton 12:42:39 am 1:07:51 am
Madaleine Combie 12:44:18 am 1:08:48 am
Colin Green 12:45:38 am 1:04:28 am

Beth Webster took part in the Nottingham leg of the Run 5.30 world tour, which aims to encourage an active lifestyle without interfering with work and family life. A lovely 5km course on closed roads around Nottingham city centre while the rest of the city was still asleep. No official timings but Beth finished in around 40 minutes. As well as a medal, she also got a t-shirt and breakfast of fresh fruit. A lovely event!

Piotr Dura ran his 64th half marathon on Sunday, the hilly Ashbourne Half. He was very pleased with his time of 1h38, and was rewarded with a mug and a medal. He looking forward to the Newark Half Marathon, which will be no.65 for Piotr, 5 years after completing his first half, also in Newark.

Netty Stevens had a very busy weekend. She started with a Parkrun PB of 28:27 at Long Eaton, running in fancy dress, and went on to run a Muddy Race for Life, a Race for Life 5k, and a Race for Life 10k!

Amy Lanham also ran a Race for Life 10k, at Clumber Park. Signing up for this event was the reason Amy joined NOTFAST, and she was very pleased to finish the undulating muddy course in 1h0m01s, a PB by over 2 minutes! (although she would have been even happier to lose the 1 second).

Parkrun PB’s this week for Andy Rowlands and Nik Watson at Newark, and Beth Webster at Forest Rec.

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