There were an impressive 39 club members at Newark Parkrun this week to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Newark Parkrun. 

Also this weekend:
Caroline Upton completed the  LAMM mountain marathon on Isle of Harris in Scotland… Two days of mountain running (more like shuffling/crawling!) carrying camping kit and food with wild camp in the middle…very slow but survived – Completed in 15:00:10

On Sunday, 36 Members at the woodhall spa 10 for a very warm and muggy one. First back for the club and in 26th overall was Damien Davies with a new PB of 37:59. followed by Dale Mordue (45:34), Dave Fargher (48:02), Stuart Chase (51:29), Andrew Rowlands (51:30), Kimberly Etherington-Bates (54:18), Annette Taylor (54:31), Claire Wood (54:45), Barry Wood (54:46), Richard Borrill (55:35), Cliff Robinson (55:35), Jim Lovett (55:35), Peter Middleton (55:35), Janet Davies (57:40), Chris Redhead (57:57), Andrew Floyd (58:57), Angela Brown (1:00:40), Faye Paterson (1:01:28), Janathan Van-Tam (1:02:39), Joanne Grey (1:03:34),  Kerry Robinson (1:04:28), Catherine Stott (1:04:53), Cath Hare (1:05:47), Maria Brambles (1:05:44), Susan Stott (1:05:54), Victoria Heath (1:08:16), Jacqui Walton (1:08:16), Lisa Leach (1:09:22), Faye Hemmingway (1:10:50), Karen Borrill (1:11:50) Chris Mumby (1:12:25), Lynn Baker (1:19:09), Helen McLaughlin (1:19:10) Claire Simmonds (1:21:16), Gillian Goode (1:21:38) Julie Mumby (1:33:25), Zoe Smith (1:33:38), Edward Casebourne (1:36:51)

Steve White was at the Derby half marathon, completing in  2:33:30 

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