NOTFAST results 04/08/2018

There were 29 club members over 6 Parkruns this week: Newark, Trelissick, Long Eaton, Sherringham, Cleethorpes and Belton House. PB’s for Jayne Wheway, Andrew Rowlands, Jemma Lindsay, Anna Clare Poulson and Ann White.

On Friday we had 7 members at the Sleaford Summer 10k. Netty Stevens (59:49:00), Angela Brown (01:01:59), Suzanne Catley (01:04:56), Faye Hemingway (01:09:36), Kirsty Watson (01:10:11), Cath Hare (01:10:05), Maria Brambles (01:10:05)

Chris Mumby was at the Nottingham 10k on Sunday, completing in 01:12:05.

Sunday also saw the Newark Half Marathon, a fantastic club turnout, 28 members. First back for the club was Richard Hallam (01:29:47) followed by: Anthony Cork (01:45:01), Adrian Dix (01:45:29), Stephen Crook (01:45:30), Andrew Rowlands (01:51:10), Dave Fargher (01:51:21), Steven White (01:52:48), Jim Lovett (01:58:09), Richard Borrill (01:58:09), Simon Lock (01:58:40), Martin Dickenson (01:59:07). Marilyn Hatherley (01:59:19), Kimberley Anne Etherington-Bates (02:00:13), Claire Wood (02:07:04), Barry Wood (02:07:04), Breeze Rowlands (02:10:50), Brian Noble (02:16:38), Zanna Perry (02:16:39), Paul Zemontas (02:17:42), Bonnie Tinsley (02:22:17),Gail Knapton (02:24:50), Clifford Robinson (02:28:13), Cath Hare (02:28:50), Arianna Marshall (02:30:37), Leon Leong (02:31:14) Kirsty Watson (02:32:08), Colette Fargher (02:35:49), Colin Green (02:46:34), Rebecca Lax (02:53:41)Peter Brown (03:12:00).

Jim Lovett & Richard BorrillKate Fisher, Dave Fargher, Colette Fargher, Zanna Perry and Cath HareNotfast Volunteers at Mile 9Adrian Dix and Andrew Rowlands During the Newark Half

Standout PBs for Richard Borrill, Kimberley Etherington-Bates, Breeze Rowlands, Barry Wood, Cath Hare, Gail Knapton.

Also this was the first half marathon for a lot of members: Bonnie Tinsley, Dave Fargher, Colette Fargher, Peter Brown, Rebecca Lax, Zanna Perry.