There we 32 club members at Parkruns this week, in Conwy, Lincoln, Sheringham, Nostell, Sherwood Pines, and Newark, with new PBs this week for Kate Stott, Jill Fowkes, and Anna Wilkinson

On a very hot weekend for running, Steven White and Chris Mumby were at the Gear 10, in Kings Lynn, with Steven finishing in 56:19, and Chris in 1:12:44.

Peter Lane was in the lakes for the Staverley 17k trail race. With a 1pm start in the heat, and 1200ft of elevation, Peter manage to finish is 2:14.

Kira Green was at the Roche Abbey half marathon, and despite the heat, terrain and 1000ft of elevation, finished in 3:35:34

NOTFAST were out in force at the Sleaford Half Marathon on Sunday. Darren Wilkinson was first back in 1:54:32, followed by Andrew Rowlands (1:56:19), Stuart Chase (1:59:34), Stuart Hawkes (2:01:15), Annette Taylor (2:04:19), Kimberley Etherington-Bates (2:09:02) Nikki Dales (2:09:14), Claire Wood (2:10:04), Barry Wood (2:10:04), Kirstie Crook (2:10:42), Adrian Dix (2:10:42), Angela Brown (2:11:21), Cliff Robinson (2:15:32), Chris Redhead (2:16:31), Richard Borrill (2:18:07), Breeze Rowlands (2:18:45), Kirsty Watson (2:19:15 and new PB), Netty Stevens (2:19:21), Fay Paterson (2:26:36), Maria Brambles (2:26:36), Amy Lanham (2:26:37), Cath Hare (2:31:04 and first HM), Kerry Robinson (2:33:26), Faye Hemingway (2:45:46), and Lisa Leach (2:47:57).

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