There were 40 NOTFAST members at Parkruns this week, taking in Doncaster, Belton House, Rushcliffe, Beeston, and Newark, with new PBs this week for Andy Floyd, Anna Wilkinson, Lynne Hare, Peter Clark, Rachel Sheldrake and Chris Redhead.

On Saturday morning, Diana Wakefield, Andy Rowlands, Breeze Rowlands and Lisa Leach all completed the final Airfield Anarchy, Biggles Last Stand! Running together around the 10k course, they completed it in 2:38.

On Sunday, three runners took part in the 2nd running of the Lincoln Half Marathon. With some very steep hills involved, Simon Lock completed it in 1:54:34, followed by Peter Middleton (2:07:22), and John Miller (2:22:28)

Also on Sunday, NOTFAST were out in force at the Syerston 10K with 36 runners. This part road, part trail race is now a firm fixture in the local calendar. Official results are pending, but Damian Davies was first back for NOTFAST and 2nd overall in 40:40, followed by Richard Hallam (42:00 and 4th overall), Simon Eccleston (51:08), Janet Davies (51:50), Jim Lovett (51:56), Andy Rowlands (53:16), Jeremy Reichelt (53:34), Mandy Eccleston (54:00), Cliff Robinson (54:00), Claire Wood (55:00), Kimberley Etherington-Bates (54:42 and course PB), Chris Redhead (55:27 and new PB), Peter Lane (55:55), Stuart Hawkes (56:04), David Gill (56:06), Stuart Chase (56:45), Adam Jackson (59:47), Angela Brown (1:01:52), Annette Taylor (1:01:52), Nick Rayns (1:02:00), Rachel Sheldrake (1:03:00), Andy Floyd (1:03:41), Ann Manley (1:03:54), Any Lanham (1:04:02), Chantelle Hallam (1:04:02), Sue Catley (1:05:00), Jo Gray (1:05:13), Kerry Robinson (1:06:39), Fay Paterson (1:08:14), Maria Brambles (1:09:11), Cath Hare (1:11:47), Gill Goode (1:12:40 and new PB), Lisa Leach (1:12:50), Claire Simmonds (1:13:31), Sarah Walker (1:16:34), Ernie Clarke (1:16:34), Cathy Clarke (1:16:34), Faye Hemingway (1:17:00), Kirsty Watson (1:17:00), and Zoe Smith (1:26:00).

Piotr Dura was still in Scotland, and this time completing the Glencoe Marathon, near Fort William, completing it in 5:25:00.

Sue Needham and Steve Needham have been on their travels again, this time entering the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon. A very pretty but hilly course which they completed together in a time of 5:21:03.

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