NOTFAST results 12/02/2018

NOTFAST had 50 Parkrunners this week, at Belton House, Normanby Hall, Mosman, Markeaton, Long Eaton, and Newark, with PBs this week for Andy Floyd, Chris Redhead, Brian Noble, Kirsty Watson, Amy Borrill (on her 50th Parkrun), Emma Bond, Jill Fowkes and Cathy Clarke.

On Saturday, NOTFAST were at the Dukeries 10, with Breeze Rowlands and Claire Wood both completing in 1:27:56, and Lyndsay Widdowson also completing the course.

At the Leicestershire half marathon on Sunday, Steven White finished in 1:49:32 and Lyn Gascoigne in 1:59:54 (PB)

Netty Stevens was at the Prestwold half, completing the course in 2:36

Sue and Steve Needham were at the Keyworth Turkey Trot, and both completed the half marathon course in 2:33

At the Stamford 30k, Damian Davies finished in 2:03:59, Adrian Dix in 2:10:49, and Janet Davies in 2:57:22

Finally John Miller was at the Barcelona Half marathon, finishing in 2:15:55