Parkrun PB’s at Newark this week for Ady Dix, who came 3rd, Kim Etherington-Bates, Chris Redhead, and James Grand-Scrutton.

Not a result as such, but Bob Oakham got the opportunity to run a very exclusive 500m, in the 2000 year old Turkish stadium of Aphrodisias, running in the footsteps of the ancient athletes. The stadium was designed to seat 30,000 spectators, although Bob’s audience was somewhat smaller – around a dozen members of his tour group!

Annette Taylor took part in the first East Leake 5 mile Night Trail Run on Friday night. The organisation was excellent, loads of marshals and encouragement, with cold drink and cake for runners plus hot food available at reasonable prices. Despite the long hill in the second half Annette finished in 52:14 and was rewarded with a lovely engraved medal. 

On Saturday Liz Walton, David Watt, and John Miller did the 16 mile Seagrave Challenge. There was a new course this year, which was wet, muddy and hilly, but the runners were well rewarded with plenty of food. Liz finished in 3:00:00 (she worked really hard to slow down and achieve such a perfect time!), David in 2:51:07, and John, hindered by all the mince pies and cake he consumed, finished in around 3:18 (official time 3:32:12, but John reckons he’d finished the run and devoured soup and apple crumble within 3 ½ hours!)

Adam Holland has completed his Hell of a Hill 5 marathons in 5 days. As the name suggests these are unbelievably hilly fell-running marathons, each one involving a 6 lap route over Rivington Pike, near Bolton. Day1: 1st place. Day2: 1st place. Day 3: 1st place. So far so good! Torrential rain on day 4 turned the paths into rivers, but amazingly Adam still came 1st and set a new course record – by beating his previous times! Day 5: 1st place. Adam’s wins are particularly impressive when you consider there are fresh runners each day who haven’t done the previous marathons. He was the only runner to complete each marathon in under 4 hours – total running time 18:06:33, total ascent/descent > 25,000 ft.

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