There were 26 NOTFAST members completing Parkruns this week, at Gladstone in London, Jersey, Rushcliffe, Forest Rec and Newark. Parkrun PBs this week for Kirsty Watson, Jo Gray, Nikki Dales, Cath Hare, Annie Cunningham, Sue Catley, and Sue Swain

On Friday, 3 NOTFAST members completed the Sleaford 10k. A lovely route, with cakes after, and a cake-shaped medal! Andy Pritchett completed the course in 53:56, followed by Angela Brown (1:00:41), and Faye Hemingway (1:07:10).

Also on Friday, Rachel Sheldrake completed the Half Tour of Bradwell, a challenging 16-mile trail/fell run through the peak district. Despite the 3000ft of ascent during the run, Rachel still managed to complete the course in 4hours and 12 minutes.

On Sunday, it was all about the Newark Half Marathon, with 38 NOTFAST Members taking part, and even more volunteering to support our local event. Damian Davies was the first back for the yellow army in 1:27:49, followed by Adrian Dix (1:29:54), Richard Hallam (1:31:46), Piotr Dura (1:45:52), Gill Oxley (1:47:46 and new PB), Martin Dickenson (1:52:50), Simon Lock (1:54:43 and course PB), Andrew Rowlands (1:55:36 and course PB), Richard Lamb (1:56:54), Janet Davies (1:57:13), Cliff Robinson (1:58:22 and new PB), Peter Lane (1:59:54 and new PB), Marilyn Hatherley (2:00:02), Steven White (2:02:30), Richard Borrill (2:02:44 and course PB), Andy Pritchett (2:04:44), Kimberley Etherington-Bates (2:06:05), Annette Taylor (2:06:49 and new PB), Angela Brown (2:11:20), Lyn Gascoigne (2:11:45), Matt Gascoigne (2:11:46), Chris Redhead (2:21:22), Breeze Rowlands (2:22:07 and first half marathon), Peter Middleton (2:24:01), Chantelle Hallam (2:24:01 and first half marathon), Selina Noquet (2:25:36), Paul Zemontas (2:25:46), Kerry Robinson (2:27:06 and first half marathon), Fay Paterson (2:36:32 and first half marathon), Andy Floyd (2:39:10), Amy Borrill (2:39:34), Claire Simmonds 2:39:59 and first half marathon), Karen Borrill (2:46:37), Dianne Kennett (2:47:07), Kate Blair (2:52:26 and first half marathon), Gill Goode (2:57:38), Madaleine Combie (3:01:17), and Amy Lawrence (3:26:39)

Finally, but certainly not least, Adam Holland has on Monday completed the Orta Lake 10 in 10, in Italy, and has broken more world records. His results for the 10 marathons in 10 days are on day 1 – 2:53:16, day 2 – 2:51:07, day 3 – 2:47:42, day 4 – 2:42:58, day 5 – 2:41:05, day 6 – 2:39:22, day 7 – 2:47:04, day 8 – 2:46:23, day 9 – 2:45:57, and day 10 – 2:43:22. Adam was first each day, and, as a result, now holds the record for the fastest 2-in-2 (5:20:27), 3-in-3 (8:03:25), 7-in-7 (19:06:31), and 10-in-10 (27:38:36). Well done Adam!

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