NOTFAST had 51 Parkrunners this week, at Clifton, Jersey, Bryn Bach, Sherwood Pines, Belton House, Clumber Park and Newark. PBs this week for Tom Simpson, Brian Noble, Emma Bond, Nikki Dales, Cathy Clarke and Jill Fowkes.

Last Sunday was the latest event in the East Midlands Cross Country, this time set at Bramcote Park, Nottingham. For the ladies, one 2.7-mile lap, and the men, 2 laps of a very hilly, and pretty muddy course. For the ladies, Janet Davies was first back in 27:34, followed by Mandy Eccleston (27:46), Kimberley Etherington-Bates (28:16), Nikki Dales (30:53), Breeze Rowlands (32:23), Jo Gray (32:32), Angela Brown (32:47), Maria Brambles (33:17), Kerry Robinson (33:40), Fay Paterson (33:42), Sue Catley (34:15), Cathy Clarke (35:22), Jacqui Walton (36:08), Kate Blair (36:43), Amy Hazard (36:48), Gill Goode (36:58), Sarah Walker (38:40), Zoe Smith (43:45), and Annie Cunningham (43:45).

For the men, Damian Davies came in in 39:54, followed by Adrian Dix (42:06), Anthony Cork (48:55), Jeremy Reichelt (52:16), Jim Lovett (53:13), Stuart Hawkes (54:20), Simon Lock (54:30), Peter Lane (55:45), David Gill (55:52), Richard Borrill (56:01), Andy Rowlands (56:09), Chris Redhead (58:22), Simon Eccleston (58:23), Steve White (59:31), Steve Needham (63:29), Ian Carr (63:34), Andy Floyd (77:04), Ernie Clarke (77:04), and Andy Watts (87:02).

On Saturday, Adam Holland competed in the Moonlight Flit in Exeter, a trail multi distance event which is run in the dark. Adam completed the 10K event, finishing first in 48:28.

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