The Notts.AAA Summer League started last Wednesday with a superb (if slightly muddy) event at Hexgreave Estate.  481 runners from around the County enjoyed a great race in lovely surroundings.  A record 23 NOTFAST ladies and 17 NOTFAST men took part.  Adam was 3rd Male and our 1st Senior Male in 27m26s while Janet Davies was our first Female and Female Vet home in 84th place at 42m50s.  Damian Davies came in as our first Male Vet 59th in 59.21s. Kirsty Watson was our first Senior Female 148th 48m17s.  Our full results are below:

Cat Ladies Time
Janet Davies 42.50
Claire Wood 42.52
Kate Fisher 44.30
Annette Taylor 46.25
Lisa Leach 47.40
Angela Brown 48.38
Senior Kirsty Watson 49.17
Jo Wilson 51.43
Cheryl Kempster 51.51
Amy Lanham 51.53
Senior Faye Hemingway 52.03
Senior Suzanne Catley 52.23
Jules Wood 52.35
Sue Needham 52.52
Kerry Robinson 54.55
Jackie Walton 55.55
Vicky Heath 56.24
Cathy Clarke 56.50
Senior Kirsty Watt 58.11
Karen Borrill 58.59
Madaleine Combie 58.59
Senior Julie Mumby 60.20
Gill Goode 62.22
Team positions
A 21/23
A 14/36
B 25/36
C 29/36
D 32/36
E 35/36
F 36/36

Adam Holland was in Brighton on Saturday for the Brighton Marathon, which he finished in 8th place in a time of 2:38:52.

Piotr Dura ran the Poznan Half Marathon in Poland in 1:28:44.

18 NOTFAST members took part in the Lincoln 10k on Sunday, a nice flat course on a lovely sunny day, some runners reporting suntans and even sunburn! Everyone enjoyed the event, with good support from spectators and each other, and all were pleased with their times: Damian Davies 38:57 (PB), Stuart Hawkes 45:59, Jeremy Reichelt 46:47 (PB), Stuart Chase 50:01, Janet Davies 50:41, Andy Rowlands 52:18, Nick Rayns 53:08, John Geeson 54:08, Angela Brown 56:47, Richard Borrill 56:47, Colin Green 59:43, Ernie Clarke 61:50, Jo Wilson 62:22, Claire Wood (with daughter Freya) 63:08, Karen Borrill 67:41, Cathy Clarke 68:45, Kath Ashley 73:55, Madaleine Combie 74:40.

Meanwhile, enjoying the same sunshine but on a very different course were 8 more NOTFAST runners at the Grantham Cup 10k in the grounds of Belton house. The course is very scenic, but includes 2 brutal hills, and it was particularly muddy this year. A great achievement for all the runners to complete this, probably the toughest 10k around: Adam Jackson 57:25, Lisa Leach 65:54, John Miller (who was listed as J Muller – F Vet – is there something you haven’t told us John?) 67:06, Kirsty Watt 67:16, Suzanne Catley 75:30, Faye Hemmingway 76:31, Julie Mumby 1:30:30, Kirsty Watson 1:30:31.

Three more members were out this weekend at the Southwell Sprint Triathlon, which includes 400m swim, 17.6k bike, 5k run. Although it was nice and sunny it was a bit chilly getting out of the pool at around 8am and onto the bike! Good results for Steve Needham 1:38:31, Sue Needham 1:23:29, and Kira Green 1:47:31.

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