Parkrun PB’s this week at Newark for Madaleine Combie and Heather Denny, and Kate Fisher completed her 150th Parkrun!

Several of our runners took on the Newark Showground Christmas Challenge Maramile event organised by Adam Holland, which ran on both Saturday and Sunday. Runners could choose how many laps of the 3.28 mile course they wanted to do. Jeremy Reichelt chose to see how far he could run in around 3 hours, and completed 6 laps – 19.68 miles – in 3:10:15. Kira Green ran 4 laps on Saturday (13.3 miles) in 3h03, and another 2 laps on Sunday (6.6 miles) in 1h30. Beth Webster was aiming for half marathon distance (4 laps) – her first run above 10k – which she very proudly completed in 3:21:44. Julie Mumby, struggling with a back injury, ran a lap in 42:58 to get a medal for son Sam, who was hoping to do the event himself, but couldn’t due to illness. Kim Etherington Bates ran 2 laps in 56:33, Madaleine Combie did 3 laps in 2:16:35, Gill Goode did 2 laps in 1h27, pleased to run 10k without walking for the first time this year, and Chris Mumby did a lap in 34 mins. Other NOTFAST runners were, Cliff Robinson and Netty Stevens. All enjoyed this well organised event and the amazing support of fellow NOTFAST members.

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