Notfast were at Parkruns this week at Gainsborough, Gateshead, Clumber, Belton House and Newark, with another small tourist group at Sherwood Pines. PBs this week for Netty Stevens, Gill Goode, Brian Noble, David Fargher, Annette Taylor, Lyn Gascoigne, Rachel Sheldrake, Zanna Perry, Joanna Gray and Fay Paterson.

Adam Holland took part in the “Escape to Meriden” event. This started at Midnight on Friday Night, and on until he was finally “captured” on Sunday morning, having covered 108.2 miles on foot, and coming second overall.

Adrian Dix and Steven White were at the Mo runner 10k event at Wollaton Park. Adrian came in in 40:25, while Steven completed in 54:55. 

3 Notfasters were at the Skegness 10k on Sunday, with Angela Brown finishing in 58:55, Faye Hemmingway in 1:05:46, and Kirsty Watson in 1:06:22.

Finally, Adam Jackson and Caroline Upton were at the inaugural Tweed Valley Ultra on Sunday. This included climbing around 5000ft, and covering 65km of trails, and both completed the course in 9:49:40.

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