The Thoresby Trot attracted 22 NOTFAST members some with their families and dogs taking part in one of the 3 different races over the scenic trail courses. 

10 mile: 

Adrian Dix 1:08:21 
Richard Hallam 1:10:09 first in age group 
Martin Dickenson 1:27:52 
Andrew Rowlands 1:30:30 
Stuart Chase 1:32:30 
Nikki Dales 1:40:00 
Lyn Gascoigne 1:42:01 
Lisa Needham Leach 1:52:00 
Kira Green 2:14:53 


Diana Wakefield 49:12 3rd lady/2nd in age group 
Kirstie Crook 59:39 
Fay Paterson 1:07:16 
Ernie Clarke 1:07:45 
Cathy Clarke 1:07:45 
Maria Brambles 1:09:00 
Kirsty Watson 1:10:06 
Faye Hemingway 1:10:06 
James Grand-Scrutton 1:16:00 Personal Best 
Gill Goode 1:21:00 


Stephen Crook 37:17 
Breeze Rowlands 37:31 
Chris Redhead 37:46 

2 members ran the Clumber 10k;
Kimberley Etherington-Bates 53:07 (Personal Best)
Steve White 59:01 

Angela Brown and Chris Redhead both got personal bests at Newark Parkrun on Saturday 

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