There were 32 NOTFAST members at Parkruns this week, taking in Sheringham, Belton House, Yeovil Montacute, Aviemore, Beeston, and Newark, with a new PB this week for Sarah Ridley.

Steve Needham and Sue Needham spent the weekend at EuroDisney for a running weekend. On Saturday, they both completed the 10K in 1:22 (and got an extra medal for completing the same event at Disneyland in the USA earlier in the year), and on the Sunday completed a half marathon, both finishing in 2:36.

The Nottingham marathon and half marathon was on Sunday, with NOTFAST runners in both events. In the half marathon, Damian Davies was first back in 1:28:04, followed by Richard Hallam (1:29:34), Adrian Dix (1:33:22), Stephen Crook (1:44:11 and new PB), Stuart Chase (2:00:35), Lyn Gascoigne (2:13:58), Gail Knapton (2:27:58 and first half marathon), Lisa Leach (2:41:26), and Amy Hazard (2:55:00). Peter Clarke finished the full marathon distance in 4:09:27, and

Andy Rowlands completed his first marathon, finishing in 4:29:10.

Steve White and Chris Mumby were also at the Sheffield 10K. Steve finished in 1:01:53 while dressed as a Storm Trooper, and Chris finished in 1:09:36.

Piotr Dura was at the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon on Sunday. A very hilly course, and Piotr has only recently overcome a serious knee injury, but he completed the course in an excellent 3:37:08.

John Miller was at the Doncaster 10K trail on Sunday, which was held at the Northern Race College. A challenging course, and John completed it in 1:04:14

Finally, NOTFAST were at the Equinox 24 at Belvoir over the weekend. The main event is a 24 race in either teams or solo, doing laps of a 10K cross country course. Faye Hemingway, Kerry Robinson, Jim Lovett, Angela Brown and Andy Floyd created a team, running 5 laps each of the course in the time period. Adam Jackson ran the event as a solo runner, completing an excellent 5 laps before retiring with a foot injury. In the 10K only event, there was Cathy Clarke (1:13:41), Ernie Clarke (1:13:41), Jacqui Walton and Zoe Smith (1:35:52)

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