There were 25 club members over 5 Parkruns this week, Newark, Long Eaton, Jersey, Dalby Forest and Bakewell.

The main event was last Friday night, the Summer solstice 10k road race at Long Bennington, hosted by Grantham running club. A fantastic club turnout, 62 in total (more than any other club attending, including the hosts). It was a lovely evening, if not a bit warm and the clubs colour was highly sought after by the summer bugs, but some Fantastic PBs achieved: Dave Fargher, Breeze Rowlands, Joanna Gray, Jacqui Walton, Victoria Heath, Karen Borrill, Kate Blair, Barry wood.

Some standout PB’s:  Faye Paterson and Jonathan Van-Tam getting their first sub 60 and Peter Brown, beating last PB by 15 minutes.

Full results for Summer solstice 10k can be found at the bottom of the report

Sunday saw a few rather hot and sunny events:

The Grimsthorpe Gallop in the Lincolnshire countryside, with a mix of off road events, 5k, 10k, 10 mile or half marathon. In total there were 8 members of Notfast competing:

In the 5K, Stephen Crook completed in 00:39:45

In the 10k, Steve White finished in 00:52:56 and Cathy Clarke in 01:09:44 and came 1st in her age category

In the 10 Mile course, the Rowlands (Breeze and Andrew) completed in 01:50:42 and 01:32:20 respectively, Andrew coming in 2nd in his Age category.

And in the Half Marathon, Nikki Dales, Claire Wood and Fay Parker crossed the finish line together in 02:27:00.

Also on Sunday was the Round Sheffield run, which is 24.5 km multi stage event, surprisingly…. Round Sheffield! Notfast has 8 club members complete the hilly and hot course: Damian Davies (01:17:28), Janet Davies (01:50:53), Annette Taylor (02:13:40), Victoria Heath and Jacqui Walton crossing together in 02:27:49, Anna Fisher (02:20:00) and lastly Faye Hemmingway and Angela Brown in 02:53:00, taking into account them literally carrying a runner for 20 minutes of that time.

Certainly worth a mention is Steven White and Peter Middleton who complete the run leaders course and are now qualified run leaders.

Summer Solstice 10k Full results:

Damian Davies (00:38:07), Adrian Dix (00:39:46), Dale Mordue (00:43:58), Diana Wakefield (00:44:59), Anthony Cork (00:45:06), Jim Lovett (00:47:18), David Fargher (00:47:20), Matthew Gascoigne (00:47:38), Darren Wilkinson (00:47:42), Peter Clark (00:48:20), Simon Lock (00:48:24), Rachel Revill (00:48:57), Stuart Hawkes (00:48:58), Andrew Rowlands (00:49:26),  Richard Borrill (00:49:28), Simon Eccleston (00:50:22), Gill Oxley (00:50:40), Stuart Chase (00:50:53),  Martin Dickenson  (00:51:01), Jeremy Reichelt (00:51:09), Steven White (00:51:24), Mike Manley (00:51:36), Claire Wood (00:51:48), Barry Wood (00:51:57), Kimberley Etherington-Bates (00:52:00), Rick Dobbs (00:52:48), Janet Davies (00:52:51), Mandy Eccleston (00:52:53), Tom Allen (00:54:16),  Peter Lane (00:54:29),  Peter Middleton (00:55:36), Lyn Gascoigne (00:55:41), Clifford Robinson (00:55:46), Faye Parker (00:55:54), Marilyn  Hatherley (00:56:00), Angela Brown (00:56:14),  Steve Needham (00:57:11), Nicola Dales (00:57:3, Breeze Rowlands (00:58:19), Zanna Perry (00:58:40), Joanna Gray (00:58:41), Fay Paterson (00:59:23), Jonathan Van-Tam (00:59:34), Suzanne Catley (01:00:03), Kerry Robinson (01:01:28), Annette Taylor (01:02:08), Cheryl Kempster  (01:02:15), Maria  Brambles (01:02:40),  Amy Lanham (01:03:50), Cath Hare (01:03:51), Lisa Leach (01:03:56),  Jacqui Walton (01:04:56),  Victori Heat (01:04:57), Karen Borrill (01:05:28),  Cathy Clarke (01:05:35),  Kate Blair (01:06:09), Peter Brown (01:11:08), Faye Hemingway (01:14:13), Kirsty Watson (01:14:22) Laura Smith (01:24:05),  Zoe Smith (01:31:15)


Also, after a slight delay, the SL3 results from Holme Pierrepoint can be found online at

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