60 NOTFAST members took part in Parkruns this week, with local runners at Newark and Forest Rec. Further afield, 24 of the team completed the Poznan Parkrun in Poland while over for the half marathon on the Sunday. Cath and Lynn Hare completed the Tewkesbury Parkrun, while Rachel Sheldrake took part in the Seaton Parkrun, and Claire Simmonds in the Cleethorpes Parkrun. There were lots of Parkrun PB’s this week, for Janet Davies, Damian Davies, Kerry Robinson, Andy Floyd, Kim Etherington-Bates, Sue Stott, Simon Ecclestone, Chantelle Hallam, Andrew Jenkinson, Kirsty Abbotts, Lisa Tindall, Nicola Dawes, Tracey Hart, Camilla Grant, Lacey Simons, Claire Simmonds and Rachel Sheldrake. 

On Tuesday, Adam Holland went to Shropshire for the CODopoly Marathon. This was a marathon trail run around a circular track. Adam got very muddy in the process, but came in first in 2:55:42, his 85th sub 3-hour marathon! On Saturday, he then entered the Canalathon 50K. This involved being in Bradford to catch an early bus through to Manchester to the start, and following the canal course back to Bradford. Adam managed another sub 3-hour marathon in the process of completing the course in 1st place in a time of 3:34:37.

The other big NOTFAST event for the weekend was the Poznan half marathon, in Poland. 26 NOTFAST runners went across to Poznan on Friday, and lined up with a couple of Striders, who also joined them. They also met up with former NOTFAST member Tomas Tresnak. Damian Davies was the first NOTFAST member back in 1:24:52, followed by Ady Dix (1:26:27), Piotr Dura (1:31:49), Diana Wakefield (1:42:41, and 1st Half Marathon), Jim Lovett (1:47:37), Janet Davies (1:48:52, and new PB), Martin Dickenson (1:51:19), Claire Wood (1:54:09), Stuart Chase (1:56:30), Steve Needham (1:57:36), Caroline Upton (2:00:00), Cliff Robinson (2:01:36), Adam Jackson (2:02:13), Stuart Hawkes (2:03:54), Nick Rayns (2:05:09), Angela Brown (2:11:02), Annette Taylor (2:11:03), Kerry Robinson (2:22:29), Lisa Leach (2:22:41), Sue Needham (2:24:18), Kirsty Watson (2:25:14 PB), Faye Hemingway (2:28:18), Kirsty Jackson (2:28:18), Cathy Clarke (2:35:07), Ernie Clarke (2:35:07), and Julie Mumby (2:52:01). 

Meanwhile Stuart Ashley was walking The White Peak Roller Coaster, a 24 mile hilly course around The Dove and Manifold Rivers in the Peak District. It started with a frosty morning before turning into a lovely sunny day. 

Richard Hallam’s dog Chelsey did her first timed 10k Cani-cross event at Clumber Park (with Richard of course!) and did really well in 50:10.  

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