NOTFAST results 26/06/2016

An additional result to report from last week – Colin Green was announced winner of the MV70 category at the Summer Solstice 10k – well done Colin!

Wednesday night saw another good turnout (37 NOTFAST runners) at the Summer League event at Colwick Park. Full team results attached.

Adam Holland is part way through his latest challenge, the Great Barrow 10 marathons in 10 days. As of last night he had completed 5 out of the 10, and had run 132 miles in 15:28:49, an average marathon time of 3:05:45 – an amazing time, particularly as 4 out of the 5 so far have had off-road sections, and the runners have had to contend with rain, puddles and fallen trees! Adam’s fastest time was on Monday’s all-road marathon where he set a course record of 2:50:27.

Netty Stevens has been celebrating her 50th birthday in style, aided by guide runner Sheena Parry. Starting with Penrhyn Castle Parkrun last Saturday, she then climbed Mount Snowdon and had champagne at the top! This weekend she completed the Round Sheffield Run with Sheena, which includes 11 timed stages and adds up to 15 gruelling miles. In spite of a nasty fall which required medical attention, Netty finished in 3h31.

Stuart Ashley walked the Derbyshire Portway on Saturday, which starts at Bramcote Hills in Nottingham and finishes at Mam Tor in Derbyshire, via Holbrook, Wirksworth, Winster,Alport, Ashford in the Water, and Monsal Head. Stuart reports: Showers started at 10.00 and continued throughout the day, usually lasting about 20 mins with a long one over an hour at about 08.30pm. The worst was about 11.00pm when it was torrential for about 30 mins just at a point when navigation was difficult (it was very dark at this time) and map reading was difficult with rain bouncing off the map case! Some of the footpaths through the field were hard to find and follow due to long meadow grass flattened by the rain, so you were constantly having to raise your steps to get through it. In addition these are the worst conditions for water permeating your boots. I might just as well have put my feet in a bucket of water!! A tough but enjoyable walk. The Guide book says this walk “could be covered by a fit hiker in 2 days” – Stuart completed the 50 miles in 19 hours!

On Sunday Sue and Steve Needham competed in the Woodhall Spa Sprint Triathlon, which comprises a 400m swim, 24km bike and 5k run. Sue’s overall time including transitions was 1hr 45m 58s (swim 13m 20s bike 1hr 00m 12s and run 28m 39s).  Steve’s overall time including transitions was 1hr 33m 14s (swim 13m 57s, bike 51m 36s and run 25m 19s).

Summer League results – Cowlick Park

LadiesTimeDisc NoMenTimeDisc No
Diana Wakefield35.2121Damian Davies31.4570
Kate Fisher41.3095Chris McDonell35.20145
Angela Brown42.10144Jeremy Reichelt37.39183
Janet Davies42.13102Richard Borrill37.59186
Annette Taylor45.52125Jim Lovett39.06205
Fay Parker45.57129Martin Dickenson39.34211
Rachel Sheldrake48.28154Andy Rowlands41.39234
Sue Needham49.50159David Gill42.09239
Gail Knapton50.18162Steve Needham42.44243
Amy Lanham50.35163Stuart Chase43.05244
Kerry Robinson51.46168Colin Green52.52266
Lisa Needham Leach53.10171Edward Casebourne53.33267
Catherine Clarke53.34172Ernie Clarke53.42268
Karen Borrill54.08176Andy Watts61.50272
Jo Wilson54.18177
Madaleine Combie58.47186Adam Holland26.593
Adam Jackson40.25220
Kirsty Watt47.21148
Faye Hemingway51.35166
Amy Borrill53.43173
Kirsty Watson53.56175
Julie MumbyDNF
Cheryl KempsterDNF
Suzanne CatleyDNF
Jules WoodDNF