4 NOTFAST members took part in the Belvoir Challenge on Saturday, where both weather and ground conditions were pretty good for this time of year. Rachel Sheldrake ran the 15.8 mile route in 3h35, while Karen Borrill walked the same route in 5h25. David Watt and Liz Walton ran the 26.1 mile route in 4h58 and 5h07 respectively. They were rewarded with excellent cake and crumble!

Bob Oakham did the Coastal Trail Series Endurance Life 10k in Northumberland. The course starts at Beadnell on the coast and winds up through Seahouses to finish at Bamburgh Castle 200 feet above sea level, giving runners a gruesome last 10 minutes.
The course starts on the beach and apart from some short sections of road is all REALLY tough sand running and cliff trail. The course includes sections of rubble and rock, as well as seaweed covered rock pavements that are effectively unsafe to tackle (unless you walk like a Japanese Geisha Girl apparently!). Just to improve comfort levels further the constant streams coming down the beach ensure that your feet are permanently saturated.
However, a fabulous atmosphere, unparalleled sea views and a destination that is Bamburgh Castle make it one of Bob’s must-do events. He battled on with (in his words) a heavy trudging gait to finish in 1hr 32mins….a full 6 minutes better than two years ago!

Enjoying a very different but equally scenic run, Piotr Dura was in Poland for the Wroclaw 30 on Sunday, a 30k run along the Odra River. Piotr finished in 2h20, making him 14th in his age category, and 46th overall out of 250 runners.

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