Some additional results from last week; Tomáš Trešnák ran the Caythorpe Dash 1/2m in 1:33:57. There was some confusion over the team results, so our joint NOTFAST/ Toonie team unfortunately didn’t come 2ndafter all, but that doesn’t detract from their moment of glory!  Also, Ernie Clarke and Cathy did the MaraMile 5k.

This week’s results: Four NOTFAST runners took part in the Clumber Park Night Run on 13th Feb, a 7k trail run. Annette Taylor and Faye Hemmingway and finished in 43:49 and 43:52 respectively, closely followed by Sue and Steve Needham in 46:49 and 46:52 respectively.

Annette reports “Clumber Night Run is a must! It is a national series of night-time trail running events, held in partnership with The National Trust and Cotswold Outdoor. Two runs were available 7km & 3km. It was a cold evening but without wind or rain. As the evening light diminished the bright, often colourful lights adorning runners gave a festive air to the whole experience. Parking, registration, bag drop all well organised. Face painting was available, large camp fires to toast yourself and/or marshmallows. The 7k went off first after a brief warm up. The course was well marshalled and obstacles illuminated. It was good to soak up the atmosphere and the sights of lights bobbing through the trees rather than be going for a PB. Having completed the course we were awarded a medal which was hung around each individual’s neck – a nice touch I thought.”

On Sunday a new record number of 35 NOTFAST members took part in the East Midland Cross Country event at Colwick, meaning that we entered two men’s senior teams, three men’s vet teams, a women’s senior team, and five women’s vet teams – fantastic! It was a cold but sunny day with excellent running by all over a demanding hilly course that tested out our hill training. Event tent worked well, easily put up, providing shelter for bags, cakes and runners.

Colwick 14/2/2016
Men Cat Time Senior On day Over all
Senior A Adam Holland S 34.52 A 7/10 7/11
Tomas Tresnak S 36.26
Russell Power S 44.49
James Ellison S 48.33
Senior B Adam Jackson S 54.48 B 4/4 9/9
Robert Jackson S 55.55
Vet A Ady Dix Vet 40.28 A 4/8 3/9
Damien Davies Vet 41.52
Jeremy Reichett Vet 48.32
Jim Lovett Vet 49.00
Vet B Stuart Hawkes Vet 49.01 B 3/5 3/6
Richard Borrill Vet 51.28
Steve Needham Vet 55.29
David Gill Vet 63.59
Vet C Colin Green Vet 66.15 C 2/2 2/3
Ernie Clarke Vet 66.27
Andy Watts Vet 70.11
Women On Day Over All
Senior A Faye Hemmingway S 31.48 Senior
Kirsty Watt S 32.34 A 10/10 8/10
Karen Borrill S 38.57
Vet A Diana Wakefield Vet 23.51 A 2/7 3/8
Fay Parker Vet 26.50
Caroline Upton Vet 27.17
Vet B Janet Davies Vet 27.49 B 2/2 2/5
Sarah Stork Vet 28.26
Claire Wood Vet 29.03
Vet C Angela Brown Vet 30.22 C 2/2 2/3
Rachel Sheldrake Vet 32.07
Annette Taylor Vet 32.12
Vet D Kate Fisher Vet 33.18 D 1/1 1/1
Cheryl Kempster Vet 33.19
Sue Needham Vet 35.52
Vet E Kathryn Lile Vet 35.56 E 1/1 1/1
Cathryn Clarke Vet 36.17
Gill Goode Vet 37.52
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