35 Club members over 2 Parkruns, PB for Margaret Purdy, Zanna Perry And Laura Smith. Kirsty Watson celebrated her 100th Parkrun

The main event this weekend was the Grantham Cup, a 10k race hosted by Grantham running club. Notfast had 15 members attend, full results below but some standouts; Joanna Grey, Kim Etherington-Bates and Simon Lock getting course PB’s

Simon Lock 00:49:40, Dale Mordue 00:51:08, Jeremy Reichelt 00:55:16, Richard Borrill 00:55:56, Kimberley Etherington Bates 00:56:34, Jim Lovett 00:56:41, Mike Manley 00:58:46, Amy Borrill 01:01:28, Rachel Sheldrake 01:02:22, Andrew Pritchett 01:05:23, Joanna Gray 01:09:07, Nick Harrison 01:14:34, Jill Fowkes 01:17:37, Leon Leong 01:19:59, Karen Borrill 01:20:49.

Grantham Cup – 10k
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