There were 31 club members over 8 Parkruns this week. Zanna Perry was 1st in age category at Zielona Gora Parkrun in Poland

Simon Lock ran the Felbrigg 10k in North Norfolk, a very wet and muddy race, completing in 00:46:41.

Peter lane ran the Coniston 10k trail race in  01:11:00

Fay Parker, Nikki Sherwood and Claire Wood ran the 17 mil Limestone Way trail race, nearly 2000ft of ascent and all imaginable terrains. Claire and Fay completing in 03:29:04 and Nikki in 03:32:40

We had lots of members take part in the Syerston 10k, Full results below.

Syerston 10k
James Lovett 00:48:18   Breeze Rowlands 01:06:09
Andrew Rowlands 00:49:49   Kerry Robinson 01:06:29
Kimberley Etherington-Bates 00:50:12   Fay Paterson 01:09:07
Stuart Chase 00:55:27   Chris Redhead 01:09:21
Barry Wood 00:55:29   Cathy Clarke 01:11:31
Jeremy Reichelt 00:55:33   Earnest Clarke 01:11:33
David Baker 00:55:36   Lisa Leach 01:12:50
Peter Clarke 00:55:56   Dianne Kennett 01:15:12
Alexander Combie 00:57:12   Jill Fowkes 01:15:26
Alice Alsop 00:58:07   Madaleine Combie 01:23:21
Amy Borrill 00:58:43   Joanne Boddy 01:23:44
David Gill 01:00:48   Tracey Thompson 01:24:34
Angela Brown 01:01:52   Laura Smith 01:28:31
Annette Taylor 01:02:36   Leanne Lawson 01:28:38
Joanne Gray 01:03:48   Sarah Ridley 01:28:40
Ann Manley 01:03:59   Faye Hemmingway 01:28:54
Clifford Robinson 01:05:15   Zoe Smith 01:52:12
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