Results 10/02/2020

There were 48 club members over 10 Parkruns this week. PB’s for Leanne Lawson, David Baker, Debbie Harding, Netty Stevens, Alan Davidson, Josh Wood, Tony Katsouris and Stevie Katsouris

Last week Cathy and Ernie Clarke took part in the Sunset series Melbourne Zoo 8k in Australia, completing in  32:04.

Saturday was the 2020 Rauceby Ripper, a 9 (ish) mile multi terrain event, Notfast had 17 members take park, a mix of runners and walkers, full results below:

Simon Lock 01:13:24
Anthony Cork 01:13:34
Andrew Rowlands 01:19:23
Chris Redhead 01:24:19
Amy Borrill 01:25:42
Richard Borrill 01:25:54
Peter Lane 01:26:22
Angela Brown 01:37:54
Annette  Taylor 01:38:00
Claire Wood 01:38:08
Fay Parker 01:38:08
Kerry Robinson 01:47:09
Jacqui Walton 01:51:36
Breeze Rowlands 02:04:50
Fay Paterson 02:35:54
Faye Hemmingway 02:35:55
Peter Brown 02:35:55
Rauceby Ripper 2020
Rauceby Ripper 2020