Five ‘Notfasts’ went to Keyworth last Sunday to run the Turkey Trot Half Marathon.  This was the 29th edition of the race, having been first staged in 1983.  Now there are lots of ‘Halfs’ during the year but the Turkey Trot stands out for one or two reasons. Its effectively the last ‘Half’ of the year in the district and seems to attract only the harder, dyed-in-the-wool athletes who despite the fact that the weather is often very cold, still insist on turning out with shorts and singlets.  It follows then that this event attracts very few Fun Runners, but, that being said, it does not deter super quick people in fancy dress.  The winner of this run is also rewarded with a Turkey, donated by a local supermarket.  The course is hard and hilly with pretty well every surface imaginable.   So who from Notfast would go for an event like this  ??…read on..:

Chris McDonnell             1 33 06

Wyn Thomas                   1.55.11

Lyn McDonnell                2.03.29

Darren Appleton              2.05.55

John Miller                       2.15.51

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