Our Marathon phenomenon, Adam Holland, took his NOTFAST vest to The November Nightmare Marathons 2nd -7th November. Race venues were split between Lightmoor and Coalport in Telford.  Adam completed all six marathons to his usual high standard by winning four of the races, placing second in one and only dropping to sixth in one when his knee was giving him more pain than is normally tolerable.  Adam’s times were 03:47:00 P:1, 03:25:22 P:1, 03:57:53 P:2, 03:19:19 P:1, 03:51:33 P:1, 05:14:08 P:6.

Steve Needham competed in the very wet and muddy Evil Sheriff Off Road Duathlon on Saturday at Sherwood Pines and finished in 2:13:10, coming 6th in his age group.  Steve ran 5K, cycled 20K then ran a further 3.6K.

At the same location, Adam Holland warmed down from his marathons by running the Robin Hood Adventure Challenge 10K in 36m26s to be beaten into second place in a close finish.

John Miller took a long, wet, hilly walk in Derbyshire.  He walked the 25mile long Six Dales Challenge in 7h41m.

Three members went to the Seagrave Wolds Challenge, which was 16miles of mud and rain.  David Watt trotted round in 2h27m followed by Liz Walton in 2h46m.  Colin Green walked far behind in 4h23m.

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