The Peterborough Half Marathon is in its tenth year and attracts over four thousand runners, not least of all because the course is pretty flat, thus promising decent times..Reckoned by some to be the best organised ‘Half’ in the region all finishers get a great goody bag with a technical t-shirt, banana, water bottle and a kit-bag, ..lets face it some so called ‘Goody Bags’ handed out after races can be pretty rubbishy with little more than a handful of race flyers and if you are lucky an inedible unidentifiable sweet

Chris McDonnell 1 hour 33 mins
David Watt 1.49.49
Caroline Upton 1.52.20
Lyn McDonnell 2.02.51

Meanwhile, a very long way away ,Northumberland to be precise, Mike Bullock lined up with over a thousand others to run the Salomon Kielder Marathon. The course, dubbed ‘The most beautiful marathon’ encircles Kielder Water. Mike describes the scenery as “awesomely picturesque” but also the “hilliest trail run he has ever seen”..a generous helping of pouring rain, freezing temperature and tons of mud made this a gruelling race indeed. Mike, never easily daunted, not only finished in an excellent time of 3 hours 18 minutes but came in in 31st place..fantastic!!


Recent national news has made that achievement even better given the news that the third placed runner, a certain Rob Sloan from the Sunderland Harriers had taken a bus at the twenty mile point, “because I had run out of energy” ….yeah, right..!

So this puts ‘Our Mike’ finishing number 30 out of a reported 1108 finishers.

Much nearer home in Nottingham three members of Notfast Running Club braved more freezing conditions for the Mens Health Survival of the Fittest. This is how the game goes..over about twelve kilometres ‘runners’ will endure not only the weather but a series of obstacles to make things more fun, such as :

Hay stacks to climb
Monkey bars
Climbing walls
Cargo netting
Swimming at Holme Pierrepont
Being water cannoned by Notts Fire fighters
A trip up and down the Forest stand
Assault course

And ,obviously,..running !! So, who goes in for this kind of malarky ?, well out of the four thousand that took part can be seen the grinning faces of:

Caroline Upton

Liz Walton

David Watt……..They all fell across the line in 1 hour 31 mins.

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