Notfast Running Club competed in three events over the weekend,


The Belvoir Castle 10k saw three members taking part :

Lee Crossland        46.57

Wyn Thomas          51.40

Andy Watts             69.11


Northwards to Catterick, two members took on the Paras 10 Miler.  Catterick Camp is only open to members of the public once a year and is an opportunity to take on the 10 mile challenge that any aspiring Paratrooper must finish to be considered.  This is no ordinary 10 mile run, it is designed to test young people to the limit.  The terrain is gruelling with streams to ford and climbs that require the cooperation of fellow competitors to scale.  Add to this that Army boots are worn and also a 35 pound back pack, or Bergen is carried, maybe begins to demonstrate that this is no event for the faint-hearted.

Jill McIntyre       2hours 27minutes      10th in age group

David Watt         1hour  54minutes


The Vitruvian Rutland Water Half-Ironman Triathlon.

1900m open water swim, 85 k  cycle, 21 k run.

Liz Fleuty               5hours 40mins 44secs

Caroline Upton       6hours 10mins 37secs

Liz Walton              6ours 31mins 9secs

For those who may be new to Notfast, this is a really good example of the range of events that Club Members take on.