Congratulations to all Notfasts and their patient partners for a jolly good weekend of competition.A Quartet of Notfasts enjoyed the sunshine and off road route around Cotgrave Country Park at the “Paws 10k”…a run to raise money for the Radcliffe RSPCA shelter and a local youth charity.

This reads as a lovely little run ,and was quite possibly a perfect setting for Jodie Walton’s first 10k race that, having hoped for a sub-hour time she knocked off a 52.24…welcome to Notfast, Jodie !!.

Liz Fleuty, John Miller and Wyn Thomas all waxed pretty lyrically about the  marshaling, scenery, weather and the course that had bits along the Grantham Canal, generally decent surfaces but with, as Liz put it “a Cheeky, Short, Sharp Incline” that sorted out the field before continuing on looping around the Park.

Wyn describes “A dog walkers Paradise, a fishermans dream, a lovers lane, a picnic spot and a place for 40 winks”..thanks Wyn, but getting all romantic while running definitely lost you that 9 seconds that would have got you a PB !!.

John said it was “Friendly and intimate”..( are they all on something.?…Ed )..Spring is most definitely in the air, eh ?


Jodie Walton        52.24

Liz Fleuty            51.31

John Miller           59.22

Wyn Thomas       51.25

In deepest Northamptonshire, Wilbarston, near Corby to be precise, the lure of 38 or 27 kilometres of the “Valleys and Views” tempted other Notfasts to get out on their hind legs for a bit of a stroll.

Dick Brumby talks of a “Hot, Hilly Hard” run over the 27 k, his third event in three weeks…”and didn’t I know it !”…pretty good 2hrs 43 mins though and followed by a fried brekkie, no less.

Kath Ashley and The Hound, Wilf also did the 27k walking round in 5.42..(‘Wilf’ used to be a Whippet, now he’s a Dachshund !)

Colin Green, never one to do things by half, elected to stride round the 38 k course and chuck in a bit of jogging on the ‘easy bits’. Colin enjoyed the conditions and scenery that Rockingham Forest and the Welland Valley has to offer and, wait for this, credits himself with, no less than a “Decent Time” of 6hr 33mins,.. 33mins better than his previous best.

It must be understood that in Colin Green speak “Decent Time” translates as “Absolutely over the Flippin Moon” for the average Cup winning goal scorer.

Having covered Notfast Races, Competitions and Challenges for a while now little comes as a surprise so you’ll understand why I’ve kept this one till last.

Try this.

Jo Pendleton couldn’t make it to the Lincoln 10k so naturally felt that an Alternative Lincoln 10k would be fun.

With Club Vest on , our Jo marks out a 500 metre course and in 57 minutes did 20 laps to cover the distance.

Oh that’s nice I hear you say…

The course was in very fresh air with some pipes and ropes to jump over, very flat surface, stunning views…and all because she was running round THE OIL TANKER that she is currently on, somewhere between Australia, South Africa and The Gulf.

Its not often, if ever, that this writer is speechless !

Jo must be the Star of the Week!….Notfast applauds you, Bounding on the Briney, no less.  So,…who is going to top that ??

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