Never seen our members compete in so many different events in one weekend !!!!!!!!!!!

Goole Riverbank Challenge.

Kathleen Davis 8.89 mile 1.15.55

Woodhall Spa 10k

John Miller  56.07

Chorley Trail Series  4.4 mile.

Mike Bullock   29.33

 North Muskham 5k

Andy Watts      34.06

Ann Manley      29.15

Clumber Park 10k. 

Jill McIntyre        1.01.14

Woodland Stampede 1/2 Marathon, Bourne:

Liz Walton         2.06.00

David Watt        1.53.34

Potters ‘Arf  ½ Marathon  Staffordshire

Steve Hodson-Mackey  2.04.52

For a good read have a look at Steve’s own report below.

Bassingbourne ½ Marathon  Cambridge

Lyn McDonnell       2.10.10

Chris McDonnell     1.33.36

Baslow Boot Bash   26 miles.

Stuart Ashley   8 hrs 11 mins

Dick Brumby,  8 hrs 11 mins


This is not a success story but one where sometimes we have to admit the course needs respect, far more than I initially gave it but once it had swallowed me up chewed me for several miles and spat me out I knew what most had already said, the Potters Arf is a brute of a half marathon, forget PB’s this is one for the scrapbook in so many other ways. As I stood next to the Olympic flame runner being interviewed pre-race with a picture of a young girl on his back, sometimes life is brought into reality, a race for me, a moment of huge emotion for him, I eagerly walked to the start line with around 1400 other runners some very serious others dressed as comic book heroes from time gone by. 3-2-1 we are off downhill then up, then down, then up, then down, then up. I had only gone 4 miles and I already felt like I had been on the big dipper and there it was, the first “hill” 1.5 miles of it, now to be fair there is a down bit after ¾ of a mile but it has a flat uphill bit in the middle then goes sharp up again, so no time for a breather. I feel I have “cracked it” as I approach the top, a sunflower and man in bare feet had already passed me by this time but I was position A for my race, on time feeling good. I should write ~”the end” there because from that point it goes drastically wrong. The next 4.5 miles (up to mile 10) are a combination of up and down and up and down and up and down, get the picture? Anyway by mile 7 I was done, I have not pulled out of a race before but I knew the game was up and I was barely half way. Unfortunately for me, my dad must have sensed something was up with his lad because he was waiting for me at just over 7 miles, the look in his eyes confirmed my worst fears he knew I was done too!! My watch though was saying go faster the seconds are slipping by but seconds were quickly turning to minutes and I struggled for the next couple just to decide if I was going to “DNF” or not. Fortunately the crowd are unrelenting, this is why this event has won best support 3 times over in Runners World, they are there in there thousands and thousands, they have water stations set up everywhere, lollipops, Mr freeze ice poles, jelly babies, sprinkler systems, all at their own expense and you sense they know what you are going through, as if every single one of them has done it already possibly twice before you showed up, quite staggering! Anyway I couldn’t stop, I was letting “them” down. I was nearly at a crawl come 11 miles and then it was time for the well renowned “Heartbreak Hill”, I looked at it and suddenly stopped, for the first time in my life I was walking in a running event, couldn’t help it, on a better day I might have done it but so many were walking it felt ok to cheat a little and do the same. I managed to get going again and thankfully the last mile is pretty much flat or downhill, I had passed 6 stretchers with poor soles who had also been spat out and I almost now smile at the fact I was roundly beaten by a banana, Dastardly, Mutley and most of the Anthill mob plus most of the cartoon characters around the globe. The end result was 2.04.52 about 12 minutes worse than I had decided I was going to run it in, however hindsight is a wonderful thing and sometimes you have to allow the course to set your pace. I feel sorry for my poor dad who witnessed his son being dismantled in brutal fashion, a lesson learned but 1-0 to the Potters Arf. Will I be back next year??  Well tough mudders never quit so maybe just maybe I will go again…with caution! If you want to experience probably the best supported event I have ever seen, give it a go, leave the watch at home and enjoy the potteries folk who are quite simply the best!!


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