Last Wednesday’s Notts.AAA Summer League was at a cold, damp, windy Holme Pierrepont but the weather did not dampen the spirits of the exceptionally large field. Eleven members of NOTFAST ran in two teams; male vets. and female vets. First home was Richard Hallam in 73rd place 32m03s, he was followed by Piotr Dura, Chris McDonnell, Peter Waller, David Gill, Jonathan Van Tam, Bob Oakham and, with a fine flourish, Andy Watts. They brought the team home in 11th place in the male vets. class. Three of our women runners ran a good race to bring the female vets. class home in 13th place. Fay Parker finished in 94th place at 41m19s, followed by Caroline Small and Kate Fisher. It was a very successful night for all the runners and the club.

Missing the Summer League this month David Watt took to the fells instead to run the Bowline Climbing Club’s Croft Hill Race in Leicestershire over approx. 3.8 miles .David finished in a time of 31m45s. (placed 28th out of 59).

Peter Waller ran The Dukeries 30m Ultra Race (actually 33 miles.). It was really enjoyable in beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside he never knew existed. There was mud and rain aplenty Peter finished in 6h 43m.

David Watt was also at The Dukeries to run the 41m Ultra Race to bring this week’s tally of races for him, to the full hat trick. David finished in an amazing 8h04m and is now due a long rest.

Finally Piotr Dura ran The Bosworth Half Marathon in 1h41m.