Stuart Ashley and Edward Casebourne covered the marathon distance by completing The Spires and Steeples Challenge walk between Lincoln Castle and Sleaford in 6h55m and 7h00m respectively.

Kira Green also did the marathon distance completing The Yorkshire Marathon around a very foggy York, in 6h31m.

The Nottingham Run and Dye event, 5K around The Forest Recreation Ground was a great Fun and get Dyed event.  Kate said, ‘we ran through different colour stations where we were covered with coloured powder, we were running up and down hills through fallen leaves and lots of paint.  It was very silly but great fun for; Kate Fisher, Cheryl Kempster, Sanda Needham, John Miller and, of course, Adam Holland’.

Far more serious but so satisfying was Chris McDonnell’s race at The Peterborough half marathon.  Chris refuses to let Father Time weary him and continues to run in excellent age grade times.  He completed in a fantastic time of 1h34m02s


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