NOTFAST members ran three very different marathons this weekend.  Kira Green went to Wales for The Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli and finished in 6h00m55s.

Liz Walton and David Watt strayed into Lincolnshire for The Caythorpe Canter, an off road marathon. Quite a few competitors managed to get lost but Liz and David followed the route and finished in 4h50m46s and 4h30m06s respectively.

Andy Pritchett and Steve Needham spent the weekend in London with friends and family for The London Marathon.  Andy finished in 4h51m26s while Steve, who had hoped to finish between 4h30m and 5h, finished in 4h30m26s, spot on.  This was a massive improvement, by 25minutes, on his previous best which was The Robin Hood last year.

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