So, how did last Saturday go ?…a bit of shopping ?..mooching around the house, or sorting out the shed, meeting up with friends?
Jill McIntyre didn’t go shopping last Saturday, she went to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire…”Oh I hear you ask, maybe to see her Gran, that’s nice ?

No !!!

Jill is lined up with with a lot of Hard Cases to take on “The Hell In The Middle”, an extreme run that, and in no particular order, subjects participants to the ordeal of 11 miles or so of mud, ankle turning stony screes, impossible slimy inclines and , yup, a river. This video explains everything perfectly.
This run is a major test for those who wish to find out just how indestructible they really are. Completely unreasonable conditions such as these only seem to generate the biggest of grins, displays of emotion and sense of being alive…a lung-ripping reminder that for those with a decent pair of legs and an attraction to the simply absurd that life is for living at the limit.
These extreme running events should be sponsored by the likes of Ariel, Bold, Daz…and indeed why not Fairy…sales would boom.

Jill used words like, “Gruelling,Relentless,Stumble, Crawl, Wade”…all lip-smacking stuff for these types…..
2 Hours 20 Secs for that generous helping of torture, a time that would be no disgrace for 11 miles on the flat. The following day she tells that she felt as though she had been given a good kicking….no comment.

Notfast Running Club salutes you Jill as one of the many stars that makes Notfast so special.

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