Eight NOTFAST members were at Belton Horse Trials on Sunday running The Grantham Cup 10K in 22 degree heat, up 2 steep hills with a strong headwind. There were nice views and it was hard and soggy work but, ‘I enjoyed it’ said Darren.

Members times were:

David Watt                          54m 22s

Liz Walton                           1h 09m 28s

Jodie Walton                      58m 50s

Andy Watts                        1h 25m 36s

Darren Wilkinson             56m 07s

Cheryl Kempster              1h 10m.

Dick Brumby                       1h 05m .

John Miller                          1h 10m 06s.

Kathleen Davis travelled to Wakefield for the 10K .
Kathleen finished in 51m 47s.

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