Notfast Running Club members competed in no less than eight events over the weekend. There is no better illustration of the range of challenges that the Club takes on…try this little lot:

1…..Broxtowe Sprint Duathlon…….2k run ..7k bike..1k run.   Mary and Claire were there.  Mary Freer did 57mins 1sec and Claire Moyes did 41 31 coming in 10th in her group.  This was their first ever try at duathlon.  I’m guessing it will not be their last!

2….Mike Bullock..”Mister Distance” was in Blackpool for the 10k..a distance he would usually see as a warm up. Mike came in 16th out of 171 starters with a time of  39.44. This was his best 10k of the year in Notfast colours.

3….Mens Health  Survival of the Fittest is a 12k obstacle course requiring a high level of overall fitness and a good sense of humour.  If you like to climb, swim and run through tractor tyres then this is for you.  No prizes for guessing that Jill McIntyre.. (Jill Tractor Tyre ?) got round in 1hour 44 mins… she was bested by fellow member Kathleen Davis who finished in 1hr 27mins.

4….Peterborough saw the annual Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon.  A City centre event and a popular one at that. Notfasts duo of Lyn and Chris McDonnell enjoyed the bright crisp conditions and excellent support..(and food)…Lyn finished in 2.03.14 and Chris in 1.32.14

5….Steve Hodson-Mackey ran the Leicester Half Marathon in a personal best time of 1hour 43mins 19secs

6….The Dave Lewis Challenge is another annual event organised by Newark AC. There is a choice of routes …marathon distance or 10.5 mile.  The Challenge is not seen necessarily as a race…here are the Notfast contingent:    

26.5 Miles                                                         10.5 Miles 

Caroline Upton            No time                       Colin Green             3hrs  30mins

Stuart Ashley               7hrs 55 mins               Martin Dickenson    No time

Edward Casebourne     9hrs 25 mins               Kath Ashley             No time                                                                                                                    

7…’.Spires and Steeples’  is a marathon distance event that takes participants from Lincoln Castle to Sleaford’s National Centre for Craft and Design.  The course is designed to take in a number of notable Churches along the route. This gives access to Architecture, Artworks and fine landscape.  Two Notfasts took part :

Cheryl Kempster     7hours 54minutes

John Miller               5hours 44minutes

8….The “Norfolk Ultra” is a simple enough title for an event…less so when one sees that it involves running for 100 Kilometres on Trail..Shingle beach..and single track wooden duck-boards.  A flat, well marked out-and-back course with the Sea  as a constant companion, this is some challenge to take on.   See the lone figure of David Watt.  So the big long did he take ??

14hours 59minutes 55 seconds that’s how  long ! Well-done David.   

So,   that is the Long and Short of it.  A fantastic weekend of running and a wonderful illustration of the range of events that Notfast get involved with.

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