Adam Holland has just completed his latest challenge :-


His times were

Day1 2:54:20sec
Day2 3:23:28sec
Day3 3:12:25sec
Day4 2:52:00sec
Day5 3:03:03sec
Day6 2:44:17sec
Day7 2:54:12sec
Day8 2:57:06sec
Day9 2:52:27sec
Day10 2:53:01sec

Overall time: 29:46:19sec
Average: 2:58:38sec

Ann Manley and Heather Denny were the only two members to run The Crossdales 10k despite it being a Grand Prix event. Ann says  – Better weather than my last 10k, but it actually made me slower! (or it could have been due to the grass, the ploughed field, and the hill at the end, which is definitely steeper than Grimsthorpe!).

Ann  59:12 and Heather  62 mins.


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