Notfast Running Club opened its account in the Nottinghamshire Summer League last Wednesday evening at Epperstone.,’ The League’ is a series of five events, held around the County, only available to affiliated Club members and with strict instructions requiring runners to be in club strip…and No Headphones !

The Epperstone run is 5.9 miles long and takes in country lanes, off road sections and….That Hill.. at the start  Three teams were fielded which included three new club members and Jodie in her first ‘League’ event.

Results, in order:

Richard Hallam           37.28

Jodie Walton               46.03

Martin Dickenson       46.23

Noel Henderson          46.47

Darren Appleton         46.47

Victoria Needle           48.40

Colin Parker                49.15

Andy Pritchett             50.44

Kate Fisher                  50.51

Steve Needham           52.14

David Gill                   56.21

Pete Tatton                  66.03

Thanks also to Andy Watts, Richard Broughton and Colin Green who, along with Ossie the Hound came  along to give encouragement and hang onto warm clothing for the Apres-Run

Liz Fleuty, Richard Broughton and Richard Hallam went to Cotgrave for the annual ‘Cotgrave Paws 10k’. Run in cool but sunny conditions and with only a bit of a beast of a hill at 5k, This run has had good reviews over the three or so years that it has been going.

Liz Fleuty did this in 58.00, Richard Broughton in his first 10k came in 99th in 50.38 and Richard Hallam stormed round in 39.28 putting him 8th overall out of the 234 starters and 2nd in the 40-49 age group.

The Caythorpe Canter offers a 13 mile route or a full Marathon 26 for those who like it tough.

Kath Ashley with Faithful Hound, Wilf did the 13 miler in 4 hrs 6 mins, while David Watt thought that running twice as far was a nice way to spend the morning and covered 26 miles, largely off road in 5hrs 2 mins..a time that many would be happy with in a Marathon on flat tarmac

Stuart Ashley was to be found near Halifax and his own grim account that follows says so much about those who take on ‘Ultras’

Another night on the floor spent at The Church Hall at Sowerby Bridge near Halifax and an early start at 7.00am. – The Calderdale Hike had started, only a mere 37 miles with a few little hills. Well they may be little to the locals but for me they were big hills and lots of them.

If the hills weren’t sapping your energy it was the peat bogs and when you got both together like the  250 foot climb over Hoar Side Moor trying to pick out the dry bits but very often failing, the dirty stinky water by then having soaked through and gone over the top of the boots. This was when I realised my mistake, I should have just done the Caythorpe Canter.

Rain came at about 9.00 am when were low down but changed to hailstones with a cold driving wind on the tops

At some points I was barely managing to do 2 mph and I think had it not been for a colleague  I was walking with, who refused to go ahead and leave me, that I would have retired.

The scenic route took in parts of the Pennine Way and The Bronte Way and had 5600 feet of accent, they’d even put a road hill up a 1:3 hill  half a mile from the finish  – how nice !!!!!!!

I’m sure we all have bad runs/walks sometimes and I think it was my turn !!!

A miserable time of 13 hours and 17 mins finishing at 8.17 pm just before it got dark  – but at least I finished.

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