On Sunday 13 members of NOTFAST Running Club completed the Ropsley Raid.  The event starts from Ropsley, 6 miles east of Grantham, 2 mainly off road routes to choose from either 6 or 13 miles approximately either can be run or walked. A regular supply of Mars bars and Christmas cake was found at refreshment stops along the course. The ground was hard, although as the day went on the top surface of the mud became a bit sticky, we all finished with clay clad shoes.




Run or walk

Dick Brumby13 miles3 hrs 23 minswalk
Lee Crossland6 miles52 minsrun
Steve Hodson-Mackey6 miles52 minsrun
Darren Appleton6 miles54 mins 10srun
Noel Henderson6 miles54 mins 10srun
Mark Jackson6 miles55 minsrun
Caroline Upton13 miles2 hrs 17 minsrun
Wyn Thomas13 miles2 hrs 17 minsrun
Liz Walton13 miles2 hrs 18 minsrun
David Watt13 miles2 hrs 18 minsrun
Kate Fisher13 miles2 hrs 19 minsrun
Andy Pritchett13 miles2 hrs 19 minsrun
Colin Green13 miles2 hrs 34 minsrun


Note: 3 new members.

Several of us got lost increasing mileage, everyone seemed happy with their achievements.