According to the Manchester Evening News some 38,000 runners..(or ‘Joggers’, as they put it), crammed into the City centre, for the Great Manchester Run, the eighth time this 10k run has been staged. Now this was quite a feat as it was on the same day that the first “Great Day of Sport” was put on, featuring Global Stars of many disciplines.

Back to the run,..Liz Fleuty and her Sister, for the second year running, were to be seen gazing at their watches, waiting for the Start..(Joggers dont gaze at watches)..recent hamstring problems for Liz and that old ‘Work Stuff’ for Sis was not going to promise scorch marks on the Tarmac, ..the plan was to get round, enjoy, and, hopefully get under 60 minutes..wise strategy.  So, that’s what they did. Result,  …they crossed the line in 57.36..nice, as the part of the plan to get Sis under the hour went well..( what is this anonymous Rellie called.?.Ed) .

A run incidental included  Liz and Doris (well she has to be called something), being on ‘T -Telly..BBC, no less !. Next time you see ‘Our Liz’ she will be donning Cheryl Cole Ray Bans, and, I have on good information,  will only be talking with Max Clifford at her girl..Notfast to Britains Got Talent is only a short leap for this weekends Running Star.

By the way Haile Gebreselassie..Jogged Round..and won the event, but only because he can afford really good Jogging Trainers  so he has a major advantage, so its no surprise that he got home in 28.10..Top “Our Haile”


11 members ran the summer league at Holme Pierrepoint on Wednesday 11th May, the route took you almost all the way around the main lake and along quiet country roads close by. The wind was there too, in our favour for almost ½ the run then to hinder us for the other ½. Thank you to both Andy Watts who was present to support the runners and hand out the place chips to help Notts AAA, and Marian Green who was also supporting the runners, including her husband, daughter and grandson and recording the NOTFAST team places at the end.

The runners made up 2 veteran male teams and 1 veteran female team:

Colin Green

Colin Parker

Michael Brompton

Peter Tatton

Mike Bullock

Chris McDonnell

Andy Pritchett

Martin Dickenson

Jill McIntyre

Lyn McDonnell

Kate Fisher

A very enjoyable evening, shame about the wind.


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