Notfast Running Club had another busy weekend out and about in some really lovely weather

Dick Brumby ran the annual Dave Lewis Challenge on Saturday. This is an 11 mile event that takes the competitors mainly along the River Trent bank and back over the Kelham Hills, so some variety there then, which is always an attraction. Dick was very pleased with his result, having taken 18.5 minutes off his previous best to give him a new PB of 1 hour 44 mins.

Mr Brumby was out again on Sunday, this time on his bike for another regular event, the 28.5 mile Caythorpe Chase, a mainly flat multi terrain course just over the Lincolnshire border. Once more, giving him a cracking weekend of sport, Dick clocked another PB with 2 hours 35 minutes, having chopped 12 minutes off his previous best.

Do you remember when your Big Brother or Sister would tell you to “Go and play on the motorway”,..well that’s exactly what some two dozen Notfasts did on Sunday morning ! “And why, pray?” I hear you ask. Ah, good question,..The A46 Highway Hobble 10k, that’s the answer.

Earlier in the year Notfast was approached by Balfour Beatty who are building the new A46. The plan was to stage an event for walkers and runners alike on the finished, but, as yet not opened section of dual carriageway between Lodge Lane, Elston and the new, big Farndon roundabout. Stuart and Kate were our Club members who did the initial work, Kate doing the majority by processing entries, through to registration on the day and offering their huge fund of organisational experience. Helpers on the day, Andy Prichett, Anna Fisher, Lyn Gordon and Theresa Thomas were invaluable.

So on a perfect morning some 600 people arrived, about 200 of which were runners. Of the 600, 24 were Notfasts consisting of 23 runners and one walker.

The course was very simple, 5 kilometres and then run back ! road races go this was more of a 10,000 metre track event. The road is very slightly downhill all the way to the turn, then round the traffic cones to face a not very welcome headwind to fight that slight gradient back to the finishing arch.

Everybody enjoyed the event, especially the post race chat and welcoming all participants over the line. There were 15 dogs, kids on scooters , wheel chairs and a Balfour Beatty bloke with a Bob The Builder Head, pushchairs, every conceivable combination of outdoor apparel and loads of big smiles all round. The yellow Air Ambulance, the nominated charity, did a few low level turns over the crowd, some loud music,.everything you could wish for except cake.

£26,000 is the estimated amount raised for the charities involved, including the Air Ambulance, which is brilliant.

St Johns had a very quiet day of it, having treated one person for a grazed knee.

Amongst the 24 members were Kath Ashley who ran with Wilf the Dachshund and Stuart Hawkes ran pushing daughter Megan in her stroller, while the walkers were Charles Lee with daughter Lizzie and Jill Oakham.

Lots of good results, Jodie Walton did a PB and Mike Bullock stormed in to take 2nd place only 30 secs behind the winner, James Rushton from Bramcote… Here is the list of all Notfast times in chronological order.

Mike Bullock 38.50
John Blundy 46.16
David Watt 46.36
Jodie Walton 48.55
Colin Parker 50.15
Wyn Thomas 51.52
Darren Appleton 52.00
John Geeson 52.01
Allison Lawrence 53.57
Diane Thorpe 56.06
Martin Dickenson 56.06
David Gill 56.22
Ann Manley 56.33
Chris Baker 56.57
Adrienne Peach 57.25
Bob Oakham 59.03
John Miller 1.00.14
Claire Moyes 1.02.58
Mary Freer 1.04.55
Andy Watts 1.06.46
Peter Tatton 1.09.53
Kath Ashley & Wilf the Dachshund 1.11.17
Stuart Hawkes & daughter Megan 1.13.14
Charles Lee 1.39.33
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