London Marathon…Its the Big One… Huge… Colossal… Gigantic… Immense… Massive… Vast , ..Scary

36,000 ran the 26 miles and 385 yards, and thousands more would have loved to, for its ‘draw’ is that great. The run seems to be universally accepted as the best Marathon in the World..hey..Paula says so, that’s the end of the debate.  What sets it in a league of its own is all about the setting, the organisation, the course, the quality Elite field, Global running stars.

But, by no means least, the never ending stream of individuals raising money for their own charities, often driven by heartbreaking stories about their own nearest and dearest.

These are the people who really make the race what it is.  To this end runners are not only prepared to sacrifice themselves to a gruelling 26-odd miles, but very often with the self-imposed handicap of a daft costume or juggling all the way round, being William and Kate look- alikes and one chap who thought that trotting along with a Washing Machine on his back would be just the ticket !!…Mystifying…

Notfast were there, represented by a fivesome that included one doing his first Marathon. All these guys were very well prepared, months of distance specific training making them entirely set up to go all the way and do it justice.  But… Mother Nature being cocquettish at  best, had decided to dish out weather on the day that was designed to only please the spectators.  Runners, pretty universally like fresh temperatures, even a little cooling breeze can be welcome, then pushing hard can be considered…this was no-ones game plan for the 31st London Marathon…Survival was the strategy.

Some Notfast comments:

Jill Mac “Hot, lots of people collapsing..runners on Drips at 23 miles !!”…”Didnt want to be DNF”

Stuart Hawkes..” I Survived”…surely one of the shortest and most poignant post-race reports ever, Stuart’s first Marathon

David Baker..”Too hot by far”…David is not one to make a fuss, but 20 + degrees is no joke at all.

Ziggy Zemontas..”Hot, Physio said I shouldn’t run…walked a bit…raised about £1500″

So, Five starters and Five finishers…that’s something for The Club to be proud of given the conditions.

“Give us the blinkin’ times”.. I hear you all shout  OK ….Alphabetically:

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets hear it for ;

Mr David Baker         4hrs 10mins 4secs…..Personal Marathon Best !!

Mr Stuart Hawkes     4hrs 53mins 13secs…First ever Marathon..

Mrs Jill McIntyre       4hrs 38mins 3secs….Seven mins improvement on previous ‘London’

Mr Andy Pritchett     4hrs 6mins 49secs…..Notfast Fastest

Mr Paul Zemontas    5hrs 16mins 6secs…..First marathon since 2007 and £££ for Beaumond House

They’ll never take it away from you guys, enjoy those Medals and what memories of pleasure (come on , there had to be some !! ), and not least of all the respect and admiration of those who had the luxury of watching it all happen from an armchair..yes..that’ll be us lot, at home, with a brew of tea next to us.

As ever,  thanks must go to Nigel Dalby who, year on year, sorts out travel and accomodation for Club Members and supporters, thanks too go to Jean Dickenson, Sue and Colin Parker for their contribution of Roadside Support.


So, the song goes..”The parties over…..”.   No, Not At All…this London Lark never rests…as you read this, the Beast that is The 32nd London Marathon 2012, Olympic Year, is already flexing its mighty muscles..plans are afoot…’London’ never sleeps….So..fancy a go ??…admit it,… you do.

2012 is going to be a very Special Vintage.