It has been all mud and water for NOTFAST members this month.

David Gill and Andy Watts ran in The East Midlands Cross Country race at Bramcote Hills to finish in 56m21s and 73m24s respectively.

Richard Hallam and his Bernese dog Chelsey ran a CaniCross race at Ibstock slithering up and down hills and through ponds of water to finish second in their group in 20m26s for about 5K.

Six members took on The Wilmot Wander Challenge in Derbyshire. 33miles of rain, mud and flood. ‘The Old Men of Notfast’ (combined age 204 years); Edward Casebourne, John Miller and Stuart Ashley strode round in 10h58m while our ‘Youngsters’;Caroline Upton, Liz Walton and David Watt sped around in 8hours 40m.


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