Eight Notfast Runners went to Erewash last week to take on the third of five Summer League events:

Mike Bullock        35mins 17secs

Martin Dickenson 44. 26

Colin Parker        44, 46

David Baker        45. 32

Andy Pritchett     48. 14

Colin Green         52. 40

Pete Tatton         62. 01

Kate Fisher         48. 14

The Vale of Belvoir village of Stathern had its annual 10k, with its traditional ‘good feel’ and  quickish course. The race was on the same morning as the Clubs social run and barbecue but didnt stop a handfull taking part:

Darren Appleton       50mins 40secs

Andy Pritchett         50. 05

Kate Fisher             51.24

Pete Tatton             66.39

Colin Green            57.15

Last Friday evening in Long Bennington, Grantham Running Club put on the first Solstice 10k,…and what a good job they made of it..excellent marshaling..good course…a proper finish arch…and, a bottle of Solstice Beer for all runners, brewed in Sleaford..(do they brew runners in Sleaford..Ed ?). But best of all for three of our runners,..Personal Bests, on an accurate measured course.

It was a shame that the weather was a tad dreary but the above did more than compensate for a bit of drizzle  (its called Rain..Ed )..ooh, there were burgers over the road at the newly refurbished Royal Oak:

Mike Bullock       37.55….PB

Wyn Thomas       48.04….PB

Anne Manley       56.10….PB

Jill McIntyre        53.14

Andy Pritchett    48.11

John Miller         60.03

Bob Oakham     61.15

The Collingham Crawl and Canter is a Three Miler and is a bit of a “Local Race for Local People” as Jill Mc Intyre put it. Jill was happy enough being ‘3rd Lady’  (always first in our books though) with a time of  25.08 but reports that a certain ‘Pesky Welshman’ rained on her parade …more like stomped on it…with a searing 23.04.  Wyn Thomas reports that the race was “enjoyed by all that entered”,..so come on guys Kiss and Make Up  !!

Well done to you both.

Many thanks to Diane Thorpe, aided by Sue Sterling and Martin Dickenson for the Sunday morning Social Run. Choices of 6,8,or 10 mile circuits followed by a Barbecue Banquet at the Kingfisher Lakes at Sibthorpe.  A good two dozen or so Club members and friends/partners/ever-patient spouses..(spice ?)..tucked into a small hillock of grub in the fashion that only runners can, namely, with gusto. Always a great time to chat/gossip/leg-pull and generally chill out at a nice venue…if you want you can watch a bit of fishing as well.  Thanks Diane from us all.

The two Liz Girls might have been there had they not decided that swimming a MILE on Windermere would be a much more refreshing  morning out…whats all this about ??

The Great North Swim, that’s the challenge. A total of 10,000 took part, going off in ‘waves’ of about 300…so our wet-suit, hatted and begoggled duo battled it out with the best

Liz Fleuty did the mile in 35mins 16secs

Liz Walton finished in     38mins 15secs

Ok so its not Running, but its a Leggy Sport so it counts in my book..Snooker and Darts don’t count even though you are standing on your legs….(Leave it ! .Ed )

Congrats to all who got their Heart and Lungs going last weekend…keep on running !

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