Sunday the 20 th Feb saw a morning of mixed fortunes for Notfast Running Club. We can start with a reminder that being a Club Member does not oblige anyone to spend their free time belting around the country looking for running challenges from the sublime to the ridiculous, some Members, as Cyndi Lauper once sang, “Just want to have fun “.

Three who chose this option were Ann Manley, Edward Casebourne and Pete Tatton. For this Trio the venue would be Elston, where they jogged around the lanes for Seven-and-a-bit miles, enjoying the scenery and each others company. The pleasure was compounded by the knowledge that on arriving back at the village they could enjoy the treat of sausage, bacon, mugs of tea and the convivial welcome that is to be found at the Village Hall, all proceeds to the Village fundraising cause. To quote Monty Python..”They had it easy”

Six more Notfasts were to be found on the RAF Airbase at Cranwell,…no handlebar moustaches to be found here…this lot are to run the Sleaford Half Marathon. Sleaford Striders Athletic Club had some 658 starters keen to run the 13.1 miles of Lincolnshire road and trail , on a course that took the participants over decent undulating terrain,..lets face it, its not that mountainous round Cranwell. The real challenge came in the first four miles of sticky off-road trail, the result of the recent soggy weather…not conditions that promise fast times for the runners, but wait, lets look at these results and remind ourselves that all those who ran in Notfast Yellow are over 40 years old.

Mike Bullock 1hr. 25mins. 16seconds…Personal Best time and finishes 42nd

Richard Brumby 1. 50. 33

Martin Dickenson 1. 52. 13

Stuart Hawkes 2. 00. 40 Well on his way to the London Marathon

Jill McIntyre 1. 52. 48

Caroline Upton 1. 49. 21

Super times all round and worthy of congratulations.

Colwick Woods, in Nottingham was the fateful destination where Bob Oakham found himself . A simple brief,..complete two 2.5 mile laps of the Country Park to keep Notfast in the East Midlands Cross Country League. The recent downpours had turned the extremely hilly course into a virtually un-runnable sea of mud. At more than one point Oakham was reduced to grappling up the slimy banks, grabbing the undergrowth to prevent him sliding back down to the bottom. Challenge, this was,…fun, it was not.

Having completed one miserable, slow lap. conceding defeat was the only option. Defeat tastes worse than the mud. Salvation came from kindly organiser Shirley Starr, who informed Notfast Running Club that they remain in the Series as one club member had particpated. What a decent lot the Cross- Country people are !

So, there you are, another snapshot of a very fine Club in action.

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