Saturday 12th November found 8 NOTFAST members taking part in the Seagrave Wolds Challenge in Leicestershire. The route is 15 miles of off road/trail running through pleasant countryside taking in what seemed to be every muddy patch and stile that can be found in the county. Stepping stones had to be used to navigate through a stream under a bridge, an airfield hosting a rally car race and a children’s cross country event together bringing in hundreds of cars was crossed following a thoroughly marked route.
The refreshments on route were a hit with Mr Pritchett; our slow time has been blamed on him for insisting on trying all cakes at the last checkpoint. So much cake was consumed that the last 4 miles were slow going but still we battled across “sticky” fields and up the final muddy track to the finish. Having checked in Mr P beamed another big smile as an organiser pointed him in the direction of rhubarb crumble and custard!

The NOTFAST participants were:
David Watt 2hrs 48mins (runner)
Liz Walton 2hrs 48mins (runner)
Wyn Thomas 2hrs 54mins (runner)
Kate Fisher 3hrs 14mins (runner/walker)
Andy Pritchett 3hrs 14mins (runner/walker/cake eater)
Colin Green 3hrs 51mins (runner/walker)
Dick Brumby 4hrs 04mins (runner/walker)
Gill Beaumont 4hrs 50mins (walker)

Kate Fisher

Chris and Lyn McDonnell took part in the 27th Leeds Abbey Dash 10k road race last Sunday. This is billed as flat and fast-one and one of the quickest 10ks around.

Chris was “very pleased” with his 40mins 40 secs and Lyn had her best run of the year with a time of 52mins 33secs so the ‘flat and fast’ promise was true to its word.

Last year Chris got round in 41.56 so he is showing some good form at the moment.

The race attracted some 8000 runners and is a charity event raising funds to maintain the quality of life for older people…Notfasts please note !

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