Results 22/07/2019

There were 36 club members over 6 Parkruns this week.

This weekend was dominated by The 2019 Conti Thunder Run, a 24-hour endurance race in Catton Park, Derbyshire. There were 19 members of NOTFAST running in either relay teams, pairs or running solo around the 10K cross country course, completing as many laps as possible in the 24-hour time period*. The event started at noon on Saturday and finished midday on Sunday with a mix of heat, rain, mud and perserverance. As always, it continues to be a fantastic event with an even better atmosphere. 

The 2019 Conti Thunder Run

In Total, Notfast clocked up 990 km over the 24 hours with a total combined running time of just over 165 hours.

*Times include all rest stops (the clock does not stop because you do)

In the Male teams:
Notfantastic 5 came in 26th place with 23 total laps in 24:38:33 with an average lap time of 01:04:18 – Members and laps as follows: Adrian Dix (5), Andrew Rowlands (6), Cliff Robinson (5), James Talbot (4), Paul Zemontas (3) 


In the mixed teams:
Notfast Numpties came in 41st place completing 21 laps in 23:08:15 with an average lap time of 01:06:07 – Members and laps as follows: Alice Allsop (4), Chris Redhead (5), Janet Davies (4), Peter Lane (2), Simon Lock (6)

Notfast Numpties

Notfast Notfurious came in 53th place completing 21 laps in 25:31:53 with an average lap time of 01:12:57 – Amy Borrill (4), Diana Wakefield (4), Tom Allen (4), Kerry Robinson (4), Zanna Perry (5).

Notfast Notfurious

In the Male Pairs:

Cirque Du Sore Legs came in 16th Place completing 10 laps in 22:48:29 with an average lap time of 02:16:51 – Adam Jackson (4), Jim Lovett (6)

Jim Lovett

Onto the brave solo runners:

(Right to Left) Breeze, Nick, Peter – Solo Runners

Breeze Rowlands completed 10 laps in 21:21:21, coming in 20th out of 71, with an average lap time of 02:08:09

Nick Harrison completed 5 laps in 24:34:23 coming in 58th out of 98 with an average lap time of 03:04:18

Peter Middleton completed 6 laps in 23:35:37 coming in 74th out of 98, with an average time of 03:55:57)

Peter Middleton

There was a separate 10k in the morning before the full Thunder run started (for a little flavour of the course) – Kimberley Etherington-Bates completed in 00:56:31 before going on to manage some of the Notfast members for the full race. 

Away from Thunder run Dawn Lamb was at the Grimsby 10k on Sunday morning, fuelled by the previous nights Gin, completing in 01:32:00.

Poitr Dura completed the  Holme Moss fell race in the peak district, almost 18 miles and 4000 feet of ascent, in a time of 5 hours.

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