There were 23 club members over 3 Parkruns this week. 

A busy weekend for Notfast in competitive racing:

Endurancelife Coastal Trail series

On Saturday, 6 members took on the Endurancelife Coastal Trail series in Suffolk.
Completing the Half marathon: Angela Brown – 02:45:52 (3rd in age category), Maria Brambles – 02:45:49, Annette Taylor – 02:45:50 (1st in age category) Peter Brown – 03:58:30.

Completing the Ultra (33 Miles), Caroline Upton – 06:14:59 (2nd in age category)

Andy Floyd completed the Autumn Trail series short course at Calver, 2 miles up and 2 miles down in 49:57

Fay Parker and Nikki Sherwood completed the Dark and White Long run (Just under 10 miles and 1500ft of ascent) – Both completing in 01:52:00

2 members were at the Forestry 100 10k race: Jim Lovett – 46:54 and Henriette McCabe – 01:05:00

Sue and Steve Needham completed the Clumber trust 10k in 01:13:18

Breeze Rowlands completed her 6th Marathon in 6 months at the Yorkshire Marathon, finishing in 04:58:05, Andy Rowlands also completed in 03:46:55

Damian Davies finished 7th in the Isle of Axeholme Half Marathon in 01:19:24

Breeze Rowlands

There were a few members at the Thoresby races on Sunday:

In the 5k, Kim Etherington-Bates was 2nd Lady back (and a new PB) in 22:46, followed by Joanna Gray 29:41, Faye Hemmingway 42:01, Zoe Smith 48:31

Kim Etherington-Bates

In the 10k; Cathy Clarke 01:05:36, Ernie Clarke 01:09:10, Dianne Kennett 01:10:17

There was a contingent of 10 Notfast members taking on the Amsterdam Half Marathon on Sunday:

Cathy and Ernie Clarke

Adrian Dix – 01:31:50, Claire wood – 01:57:17, Barry Wood – 01:57:21, Stuart Chase – 02:01:29, Tom Allen – 02:02:19, Zanna Perry – 02:10:20, John Miller – 02:19:49, Lisa Leach – 02:26:38, Kerry Robinson – 02:26:59, Cliff Robinson – 02:48:33

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